Summer Vacation Essentials

Hi guys!
August is right around the corner and a lot of people (including me) are leaving for vacation in that month. So I wanted to make a list of the stuff I always bring with me when I’m going on a trip.

  1. My Pillowpet. Call me childish, but I love my fluffy zebra. It doesn’t only function as a nice and soft pillow on long car or plane rides, a stuffed animal is also perfect to cure homesickness.
  2. iPhone. My phone is, just like Miss Fancy said, my life. Everything, from my pictures to my favorite music is on my phone and it would be terrible if I lost it.
  3. Snacks. I am hungry 24/7 so I always make sure that I bring enough food with me. For example granola bars, they are perfect for car rides when you’re hungry but aren’t able to get some food.
  4. Vaseline. This is my all-time favorite body product and I use it when my lips or hands are dry, when I have a shaving cut, etc. It is a multipurpose product and you can buy it almost everywhere.
  5. Bottle of water. I bring this for the same reason that I bring food with me everywhere. You never know when there is going to be a situation in which clean drinking water is not available. Better to be safe than sorry.
  6. Books and magazines. I am a bookworm and on trips longer than a week I always bring two or three books with me. It is perfect for entertainment on rainy days or on sunny days, when you’re spending a relaxing day at the beach.
  7. Sunglasses. It doesn’t matter where I go, my sunglasses are permanently in my bag. Just in case you have to walk for half an hour in direct sunlight, I speak from experience.
  8. Sunscreen. Whether you’re going to a tropical island or a country with a sea climate, it is very important to always be protected from the sun. Or else you will have to deal with the consequences later in life.
  9. Cash. Needless to say, and of course the currency of the country you’re traveling to.
  10. Notebook and pen. I prefer writing things down on real paper rather than on my phone. So when I come up with a genius idea for a story or something to add to my bucket list, I write it down on my small travel notebook.

Miss Charming


Annoying people on airplanes

Hey Guys!
Today I got back from spain and I wanted to do a little rant on people on airplanes. There are so many people and they are all annoying in their own special way. These are a few types I think are really annoying.

This type is the worst. You don’t want to bitch about them, because they are afraid or something and you feel bad for them, but the crying is so annoying. It’s always so loud and it’s like it’s never gonna stop. Don’t. Take. Childeren. With. You. Please.

I get that they wanna sleep, but please stop snorring. I really makes me wanna grab their nose and hold it close until they wake up.

Apparently I’m easily annoyed by sound. Anways, not everyone wants to hear what you had for breakfast. If you would just talk a little less loud we could all enjoy silence and you can talk all you want. If you wanna know if you’re this type: if everyone looks at you when you’re talking, then you are this type.

The space we have on airplanes is already so little, please don’t make this any harder than it already is. Although we all wanna lean back, we don’t do it because we know how annoying it is. Keep your chair the way it’s supposed to be. Thank you.

Long legs are hard to deal with on planes, I know, but try to keep them away from my chair please. I did not recall asking you for a back massage. And we don’t wanna trip over your legs either when we’re trying to walk to the toilet.

If you’re seated next to the window and two people have to stand up to let you go to the toilet, try not to go every five seconds. Don’t drink so much or make sure you’re seated next to the aisle.

The only time I wanna hear the sound of a movie/serie is when i’m actually watching one. So either you’re gonna let me watch with you or you turn the volume down.

Miss Fancy

RECIPE: Lemon Cheesecake

Hey guys!
Today I wanted to share my all-time favorite recipe: the most delicious lemon cheesecake ever.

What you’ll need:

* 4 lemons
* 300 grams of sugar
* 25 grams of butter
* 200 grams of any biscuit of preference, for the bottom of the cake
* 500 grams of cottage cheese
* 250 millilitres of unwhipped cream
* 10 gelatin sheets

Make the cake: 

  1. Cut 2 lemons in slices
  2. Put 2 deciliters water and 100 grams of sugar in a pan and boil it
  3. When the sugar is dissolved, put the lemon slices in it. Leave it on low heat for 40 minutes
  4. Soak the gelatin sheets in a big bowl of cold water
  5. Wash the other lemons, after that you grate and squeeze them
  6. Add one deciliter of water to the squeezed lemon juice
  7. Boil the mix of water and lemon juice, after that keep it on low heat for 2 minutes
  8. Remove the pan from the heat
  9. Put the gelatin sheets in a pan and dissolve them with 200 grams of sugar
  10. Melt the butter and crumble the biscuits
  11. Mix the melted butter, crumbled biscuits and 2 tablespoons of the dissolved sugar in a bowl
  12. Grease the springform pan
  13. Put the biscuit-mix on the bottom of the pan
  14. Whip the unwhipped cream and add the cottage cheese and gelatin-mix
  15. Put the cottage cheese-mix in the springform pan
  16. Put the lemon slices on top
  17. Put the springform pan in the fridge for at least 4 hours

Et voilà! There you have a delicious lemon cheesecake of which you can’t stop eating from.
Miss Charming

A to Z

Hi guys,
Today I’m gonna do an A-to-Z-post about things I like. So every letter of the alphabet will be a thing I like. Let’s start with A! (Pretty Little Liars reference!)

Audrey Hepburn
I love the old hollywood glamour and she was so much more than just a pretty face! She had great fashion taste, was a fantastic actress, was a Goodwill Ambassador at UNICEF and has done much good in Africa, South America and Asia.
Blake Lively & Bagels And Beans & books
I’ve been obsessed with Chanel ever since I was little. The signature (2.55) Chanel bag was the only designer bag I ever wanted. When the Mademoiselle by Chanel perfume came to the stores I wanted one and now I buy a new one every year. I don’t really like Karl Lagerfeld though.
Devious Maids
The scandal, the drama, the lies! It’s kinda like Gossip Girl, but now from (the maid) Dorota’s point of view.
Eternity from Calvin Klein
Such as strawberries, bananas and kiwi. It’s healthy and delicious.
Gossip Girl
My whole life is on my phone. Pictures, to do lists, my calender, and so on.
Aka Miss Charming haha.
Krewella & Katy Perry
My music taste is all over the place, I kinda just like everything. What music I like to listen to depends on the mood I’m in.
Lavender & Lush
I really like scented candles with lavender smell. It’s calming. And I love the bath bombs from Lush. The store smells amazing.
Meangirls & macarons & magazines & memories
Apparently I really like things with an M. Btw, I mean the movie with the legendary quotes. Not real-life mean girls.
Netflix & New York City
It’s a tie, because I really can’t choose between these two. New York has been my ultimate dream destination for forever, but Netflix offered me Gossip Girl which features New York…
Once Upon A Time
I love how they find a way for every story ever made to fit in the show and it still makes so much sense.
Pretty Little Liars
Rome & Revenge
Pasta, ice cream, the Italian language and the Trevi fountain. A killer combination. And as for Revenge, it’s a tv show and it’s SO good.
Social media & sushi
I love both. Instagram is my favorite social media.
Upper East Side
Vanilla Latte
Favorite thing to order at Starbucks next to Espresso Brownies, Chai Tea Lattes and Frappucinos.
I really like to write and this blog is a perfect platform for it.
Because they all learned me valuable lessons. (It was so hard to come up with something with an X! I know this is cheating, I’m sorry.)
Because you are reading this post!

Well that is it. I had a lot more, but I only got twenty six letters..

Miss Fancy

INSPIRATION: Summer outfits

Hi guys!
The last couple of weeks were very sunny in the Netherlands, and that always gets everyone in a happy mood. To match that mood, a lot of people wear bright colors and fabrics that don’t make you sweaty within minutes. So I went on Tumblr (my all-time favorite social media website) and created this post full of inspiration for you!

summer summer4 summer2 summer7 summer6 summer11 summer5summer8 summer9 summer3 summer10 summer14 summer12 summer15

Note: I don’t own any of these pictures.

Miss Charming 

My wishlist

Hey everyone,
Here are five things I have on my wishlist at the moment.

Dolce006_zpseec3154cLet’s start with number one:
I always have a few perfumes on my wishlist, but at the moment Dolce from Dolce & Gabbana is at the top of my list. However, I can’t decide whether I want the floral drops or the regular one.

chanel2_55The next thing on my list is something that’s been on my list for a long time. It’s a chanel bag. The classic 2.55 bag. PrettyLittleLiars_LesComparaisons_PrettyLittleLiarsVSGossipGirlI’ve had a crush on it for forever, but I’m kinda bad at saving.

I’d like to have the whole Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars series. The books and tv series. Not just on Netflix, but to keep forever. But they are so expensive..

1432312723_mean-girls-house-zoomThe fourth thing I really, really want is the Mean Girls house. It’s for sale for $14,800,000. So not really that expensive… It has everything I want in a house. It has a pool, a chandelier, a stairway in the hall, a fountain, a gate, four collumns at the front door, pool table, fire place, jacuzzi and a tennis court. o-MEAN-GIRLS-HOUSE-570It’s like it was made for me.
“An elegant estate that offers a lifestyle of luxury and privacy on the most exclusive street in the prestigious Bridle Path.”  Yes please.

The last thing on my list is an iPhone with 64 GB storage capacity, because I always seem to take up all the capacity my 16 GB iPhone has in less than half a year. And then the overheating-resetting nightmare begins..

Now you know what I would like to have, So I expect to get these for my birthday!

Miss Fancy

Note: the pictures in this post are not mine.

My Favorite Youtubers

Hey guys!
On rainy Sundays my favorite activity is lying in bed and watching Youtube videos all day. I thought it would be fun to share my favorite Youtubers with you, from music to vlogs and from beauty to comedy.

One of the first musicians I subscribed to was Tiffany Alvord. She is a great singer and while her covers are really good, her own songs are full of meaning and definitely worth listening to!
I discovered Megan and Liz because of the cover they did with Tiffany (they sang Wannabe by the Spice Girls, still one of my favorite covers). Megan and Liz are sisters whose songs have a chill, country vibe which I love. Simple Life is the song they released last summer and even though it has been on my phone for over a year, I can´t stop listening to it!
A little bit less well-known band is Against the Current. The band consists of Chrissy, Dan and Will and their own songs are a little bit alternative: that’s what makes them different from the mainstream music nowadays.

Moving on to something really different: vlogs! I absolutely love these kind of videos because they are personal and it shows that nobody looks perfect 24/7. My favorite vlog channel is Vloggloss. The daily vlogs on this channel are made by the famous Dutch beautyblogger Mascha. She and her boyfriend Gregor match so well and their two very cute cats are also a good reason to subscribe to Vloggloss!
My second favorite vlog channel is run by the Youtubers Mia Stammer (also known as MamaMiaMakeup) and her boyfriend Alex. They live together in Los Angeles and their apartment is to die for. And of course I can’t forget Ken, the cute Corgi who is only a few months old.

In this category I will also include fashion, because the most beauty gurus on Youtube also do a lot of Outfit videos etc. I only have been subscribed to Aspyn Ovard’s channel for two months, but I am obsessed! I love the way she edits her videos and her outfits are always on point. Not to forget: her hair is absolutely gorgeous! #goals.
AlishaMarie (earlier known as macbby11) was one of the first beauty Youtuber I subscribed to. Her videos have definitely improved and she has such a bubbly and fun personality, which makes her videos even better.

IISuperwomanII belongs in this category. Her videos are so funny and I’m constantly rewatching her old videos. If you have a bad day, just watch one of Lilly’s (her real name) videos and you will be laughing within seconds! Also, she is on tour now, so if you want to check that out you can click here.
A channel that I have just gotten to know is LeendaDProductions. Just like IISuperwomanII, her videos are really funny and this is for sure the best parody I’ve seen this year.

Miss Charming