What’s in my bag?

Hi everybody,
I know the what’s-in-my-bag post has been done a lot by other bloggers, but I really like it so I wanted to do one myself. Let’s see what’s inside…

IMG_3639This is the content of my bag. At the top you see my keys, phone, babylips, earpods and charger. The second row of stuff is my wallet, glasses, sunglasses and a notebook and pen. In IMG_3647my wallet you can find a lot of stamp, save and member cards, but also my drivers license, money and my ID.Β At the left bottom you see a pencil case filled with stuff I have with me just in case. There’s a box of smints, some hair ties and clips, a mini nivea, band aids and some asprines/ibuprofens. Next to the pencil case is my brush, mini deodorant, something to eat and a bottle of water. And that’s it.


So I hope you thought this was interesting. At least I can take the what’s-in-my-bag post off my bucketlist. See you next time!

Miss Fancy


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