Current obsessions

Hi guys!

Today I’m going to share the things that I’m currently obsessed with, like movie, food, etc. The main reason for this blog post is that I would like you to get to know me a little bit through these kind of personal posts. So let’s get started!

Tv show
Thanks to Laura, aka Miss Fancy, I have been binge-watching Gossip Girl like crazy. One week ago we started with the pilot, and now I’m halfway through season 3. What can I say, as a small town girl I love seeing the drama and lies that are a part of the daily routine in the Upper East Side.

Sushi. I know I sound like the stereotype white girl, but it’s true. I love eating sushi as dinner with a group of friends or as lunch during a shopping trip. My favorite kinds are the Maki Avocado and Maki Cucumber, very simple but it tastes so good.

The band I’ve been obsessed with these last few weeks is The Summer Set. Their album Legendary is amazing and I love the, how surprising, ‘summer vibe’ in the songs. The songs that I can recommend are Boomerang and Lightning in a Bottle. Both very upbeat and happy songs, these are definitely featured in my Summer Playlist.

I haven’t been wearing a lot of make-up lately because I’m working a lot and I sadly don’t have a lot of time in the morning. But on days that I have more time, I like to wear the L’Oréal False Lash Telescopic mascara. I’m a big fan of the waterproof version because it really is waterproof, it stays on even after a swim with your head underwater.

I’m finishing this blog post with another recommendation. This weekend I saw the movie Jurassic World in the cinema with my brother and I absolutely loved it. Everything looks so real and Nick Robinson is cute, so that’s one reason why you should see the movie. But for real, it is a good movie and a huge improvement in terms of special effects.



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