My Favorite Youtubers

Hey guys!
On rainy Sundays my favorite activity is lying in bed and watching Youtube videos all day. I thought it would be fun to share my favorite Youtubers with you, from music to vlogs and from beauty to comedy.

One of the first musicians I subscribed to was Tiffany Alvord. She is a great singer and while her covers are really good, her own songs are full of meaning and definitely worth listening to!
I discovered Megan and Liz because of the cover they did with Tiffany (they sang Wannabe by the Spice Girls, still one of my favorite covers). Megan and Liz are sisters whose songs have a chill, country vibe which I love. Simple Life is the song they released last summer and even though it has been on my phone for over a year, I can´t stop listening to it!
A little bit less well-known band is Against the Current. The band consists of Chrissy, Dan and Will and their own songs are a little bit alternative: that’s what makes them different from the mainstream music nowadays.

Moving on to something really different: vlogs! I absolutely love these kind of videos because they are personal and it shows that nobody looks perfect 24/7. My favorite vlog channel is Vloggloss. The daily vlogs on this channel are made by the famous Dutch beautyblogger Mascha. She and her boyfriend Gregor match so well and their two very cute cats are also a good reason to subscribe to Vloggloss!
My second favorite vlog channel is run by the Youtubers Mia Stammer (also known as MamaMiaMakeup) and her boyfriend Alex. They live together in Los Angeles and their apartment is to die for. And of course I can’t forget Ken, the cute Corgi who is only a few months old.

In this category I will also include fashion, because the most beauty gurus on Youtube also do a lot of Outfit videos etc. I only have been subscribed to Aspyn Ovard’s channel for two months, but I am obsessed! I love the way she edits her videos and her outfits are always on point. Not to forget: her hair is absolutely gorgeous! #goals.
AlishaMarie (earlier known as macbby11) was one of the first beauty Youtuber I subscribed to. Her videos have definitely improved and she has such a bubbly and fun personality, which makes her videos even better.

IISuperwomanII belongs in this category. Her videos are so funny and I’m constantly rewatching her old videos. If you have a bad day, just watch one of Lilly’s (her real name) videos and you will be laughing within seconds! Also, she is on tour now, so if you want to check that out you can click here.
A channel that I have just gotten to know is LeendaDProductions. Just like IISuperwomanII, her videos are really funny and this is for sure the best parody I’ve seen this year.

Miss Charming


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