My wishlist

Hey everyone,
Here are five things I have on my wishlist at the moment.

Dolce006_zpseec3154cLet’s start with number one:
I always have a few perfumes on my wishlist, but at the moment Dolce from Dolce & Gabbana is at the top of my list. However, I can’t decide whether I want the floral drops or the regular one.

chanel2_55The next thing on my list is something that’s been on my list for a long time. It’s a chanel bag. The classic 2.55 bag. PrettyLittleLiars_LesComparaisons_PrettyLittleLiarsVSGossipGirlI’ve had a crush on it for forever, but I’m kinda bad at saving.

I’d like to have the whole Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars series. The books and tv series. Not just on Netflix, but to keep forever. But they are so expensive..

1432312723_mean-girls-house-zoomThe fourth thing I really, really want is the Mean Girls house. It’s for sale for $14,800,000. So not really that expensive… It has everything I want in a house. It has a pool, a chandelier, a stairway in the hall, a fountain, a gate, four collumns at the front door, pool table, fire place, jacuzzi and a tennis court. o-MEAN-GIRLS-HOUSE-570It’s like it was made for me.
“An elegant estate that offers a lifestyle of luxury and privacy on the most exclusive street in the prestigious Bridle Path.”  Yes please.

The last thing on my list is an iPhone with 64 GB storage capacity, because I always seem to take up all the capacity my 16 GB iPhone has in less than half a year. And then the overheating-resetting nightmare begins..

Now you know what I would like to have, So I expect to get these for my birthday!

Miss Fancy

Note: the pictures in this post are not mine.


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