A to Z

Hi guys,
Today I’m gonna do an A-to-Z-post about things I like. So every letter of the alphabet will be a thing I like. Let’s start with A! (Pretty Little Liars reference!)

Audrey Hepburn
I love the old hollywood glamour and she was so much more than just a pretty face! She had great fashion taste, was a fantastic actress, was a Goodwill Ambassador at UNICEF and has done much good in Africa, South America and Asia.
Blake Lively & Bagels And Beans & books
I’ve been obsessed with Chanel ever since I was little. The signature (2.55) Chanel bag was the only designer bag I ever wanted. When the Mademoiselle by Chanel perfume came to the stores I wanted one and now I buy a new one every year. I don’t really like Karl Lagerfeld though.
Devious Maids
The scandal, the drama, the lies! It’s kinda like Gossip Girl, but now from (the maid) Dorota’s point of view.
Eternity from Calvin Klein
Such as strawberries, bananas and kiwi. It’s healthy and delicious.
Gossip Girl
My whole life is on my phone. Pictures, to do lists, my calender, and so on.
Aka Miss Charming haha.
Krewella & Katy Perry
My music taste is all over the place, I kinda just like everything. What music I like to listen to depends on the mood I’m in.
Lavender & Lush
I really like scented candles with lavender smell. It’s calming. And I love the bath bombs from Lush. The store smells amazing.
Meangirls & macarons & magazines & memories
Apparently I really like things with an M. Btw, I mean the movie with the legendary quotes. Not real-life mean girls.
Netflix & New York City
It’s a tie, because I really can’t choose between these two. New York has been my ultimate dream destination for forever, but Netflix offered me Gossip Girl which features New York…
Once Upon A Time
I love how they find a way for every story ever made to fit in the show and it still makes so much sense.
Pretty Little Liars
Rome & Revenge
Pasta, ice cream, the Italian language and the Trevi fountain. A killer combination. And as for Revenge, it’s a tv show and it’s SO good.
Social media & sushi
I love both. Instagram is my favorite social media.
Upper East Side
Vanilla Latte
Favorite thing to order at Starbucks next to Espresso Brownies, Chai Tea Lattes and Frappucinos.
I really like to write and this blog is a perfect platform for it.
Because they all learned me valuable lessons. (It was so hard to come up with something with an X! I know this is cheating, I’m sorry.)
Because you are reading this post!

Well that is it. I had a lot more, but I only got twenty six letters..

Miss Fancy


3 thoughts on “A to Z

  1. Hi!
    I really like this post, I would love to read more about your lovelife and how to get over a breakup. xoxo Jamie Lee


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