August favorites

Hi guys!
Here are a few of my favorites of this month.

Inside Out
Inside Out is a movie that gives you a peek into the brain of a little girl growing up. It’s really cute and it looks really real. A lot of things you’ll find identifiable. A great movie to watch with friends, your boyfriend or parents. I went to see it two weeks ago with my mom and sis and we had a great time.

They are really on trend right now and they are very practical. When I was on vacation in spain I took my sun hat with me and it turned out to be a very good idea. I actually used it quite often to protect my face from the sun.

The Pretty Little Liars books

I’ve been reading them for the past weeks and LOVE them. They’re so addicting. Even if you’re not a bookworm I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading them. If you loved the tv-show, you’ll love the books as well. I would however not recommend reading them while being in the middle of watching the show, because a lot of things are not the same and that can be quite confusing.

Miss Fancy


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