8 Websites For When You’re Bored

Hi guys!
So today I’m going to share my favourite websites with you. I like to browse through these when I have absolutely nothing else to do.

  1. Thoughtcatalog.com
    Thoughtcatalog is a website on which authors can publish their articles. This results in diversity and therefore always an article you’d like to read.
  2. Careergirldaily.com
    Every article on this website makes me want to start my own business and be independent. The articles are very helpful and I learn a lot from them.
  3. Buzzfeed.com
    This is perfect for when you’re bored and just want to take funny quizzes. When you need a laugh, Buzzfeed is the place to be.
  4. Cosmopolitan.com
    I love to aimlessly scroll through this website and read all the gossip.
  5. Tumblr.com
    This is by far my favourite social media website. I love the diversity; you can see a funny picture of an elephant and a duck one second, and the next second you see a serious post about something that was on the news.
  6. thebeautydepartment.com
    This blog was one of the first I started following. The quality of the pictures is really good and the tips they give about applying make-up are very helpful.
  7. annemerel.com
    This Dutch running blog always gives me inspiration to workout and run the extra mile. I also love her snapshot diaries: a day in the life but then in a blogpost.
  8. Glamour.nl
    I prefer the Dutch version above the English version of the website, don’t ask me why. It’s a lot like Cosmopolitan and websites like these will make sure that you are up to date about all the gossip in the world.

Miss Charming


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