My 12 worst purchases

Hi guys!

Here are the 12 worst purchases I did over the past few years.

IMG_3807A very blue leather jacket

I wanted a leather jacket and I really like the colour blue, so I bought this jacket. After a while I started to hate it, because it was so blue and it didn’t really go with much. It’s so blue. IMG_3808Should’ve gone with black.

Printed scarf

That print. Those fringes.

IMG_3812Oversized turned wrong size

This sweater was meant to look oversized, but I thought it was a little too oversized so I bought it in the smallest size possible. I should’ve sticked to my own size or shouldn’t have bought it, because the arms turned out way too short and I grew out of it way too quickly.

IMG_3814Pink is the new blue

There was that short period where everyone had that cable sweater from H&M and so did I. Only the blue one that I wanted was sold out, so I bought the pink one instead. It was so bright, barbie-pink I didn’t wear it much.

IMG_3816Cheap sweaters 

“Oh this is three euros! I’ll just take it with me, because it’s only three euros.” So I got stuck with cheap clothes that itch, look stupid and aren’t my colour. Bad purchase. Even when it’s only three euros.

IMG_3817Crop tops are for skinny bitches

I went shopping with a friend and I bought this crop top (If you can even call it a crop top. I just think it’s too short to call it a shirt.), because it had little eifeltowers on it. Turns out I hate crop tops. It’s a mystery to me how people can wear crop tops and not feel fat.

IMG_3818Accidental oversized blouse

This really cute blouse was sold out in my size in black and I was like “That’s okay, I’ll just get it in an L.”. Then someone else at my school had the same blouse in the right size and I realized how stupid I looked in my way-too-big-blouse. I looked like I was drowning in all of it. Oops.

IMG_3819Don’t be fooled by it’s comfy look

This pyjama pants looked so comfy and I already visioned myself wearing these while reading a book with some hot choco next to a fireplace. I was so wrong. The pants is soft, but it’s not elastic at all. It doesn’t give in when I’m moving and the rope to tie it around my waist cuts in my skin. I have worn it once since I bought it. The print and colour are cute though.

IMG_3820A little too much 

This blouse was actually kind of expensive, but the print is a little much. Which makes it extra worse that the sleeves are bat sleeves. So there’s a lot of fabric with a lot of print. It’s just too much of everything.

IMG_3821Glamorous fly

I really liked the glamorous look celebs always had with their big sunglasses, but mine were way too big and made me look like a fly. A very glamorous fly though.

IMG_3824Primark strikes again

I saw a lot of cute sunglasses at primark for only 1,50 euros. I bought two of these sunglasses there and the middle one at a stand in Rome for three euros. The lesson I learned is to check if they actually protect against the sun, because if they are very cheap they usually have no UV-protection. They didn’t work at all and I had to buy a new one.

IMG_3829Sucker for sale

This bikini top was on sale, but there was no matching bottom. I bought it anyway thinking I’d find one. Turns out pink isn’t always pink. It can be salmon or neon pink or fuchsia. I bought a bikini a year later and it accidently matched colours so I could finally wear it. But I’m not making that mistake again soon.

Miss Fancy


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