Vacation haul

Hi guys!

I just got back from France so I’m sorry this post is uploaded a little later today. It’s a bit dark already so the quality of the pictures isn’t really great. Anyway I want to show you what I bought this summer in Italy, Spain and France. I bought most things in France though. In Spain and Italy I mostly bought cocktails which you can probably tell from my instagram…


IMG_0933I bought two bags, because I just can’t resist a pretty bag. The second thing I bought was a scarf for this autumn and winter season. I also saw this shirt and, since I like all the cities on them, I immediately loved it. The bottle in the middle is violet sirup which you can use to make purple cocktails (cocktailparty!). IMG_0931We also visited a super cute store in Saumur in France and the owner of the store was a super hot guy so ofcourse I had to buy something. There I bought the little blue lipgloss. It’s shaped like a macaroon and it’s blueberry flavoured. The book on the picture is open and has space to keep something in. It has a really pretty map on the front of Europe. IMG_0929Lastly I bought a lot of Yankee Candle. These get soft when you heat them up and they smell delicious. I bought turquoise sky, red rasberry, shea butter, fireside treats and black coconut. So my room will smell like heaven for the upcoming year or so.
And that’s it! See you next time.

Miss Fancy


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