Stories behind clothes

Hey guys,
There’s a story behind all of my clothing and that’s why I have such a hard time getting rid of stuff I don’t like or don’t fit anymore. I thought it would be fun to share a few of these stories with you.

IMG_3833The first one is this sweater I bought at Mango. I was supossed to meet up with a friend, but she was late so I went for a little shopping. I walked into Mango and there was a sale going on. Lucky me! I saw this sweater and immediatly loved it. I have been wanting to wear it ever since I bought it, but unfortunatly it hasn’t been cold enough outside yet.

IMG_3835The second story I want to tell is the story of this dress I  bought for graduation. I was looking for a dress the day before graduation, because the one I ordered was not quite what I wanted and neither what I expected. So I was really late with dress shopping and by the time I almost had to go home I hadn’t found the right dress yet. So I guess you could say I was panicking. The last stop I was making that day was at Bijenkorf and luckily I found this dress there and I loved it. The problem was that it didn’t have a pricetag. I looked up the brand on google and it were all very acceptable prices and this dress even had a discount of thirthy percent. So I went to the register feeling quite confident that I was taking this dress home. But when they told me the price at the register I almost had a heart attack. Turns out the beading was all handmade and the stones on it were Swarovski.. I wanted and needed to have this dress so badly, so I asked the cashier if there was nothing she could do. Which she could. She went to talk to her manager and came back with a discount of twenty percent on top of the thirthy percent discount. You could imagine how happy I was. It was still an expensive dress, but I never regretted buying it.

IMG_3836The next thing is this black blouse. I bought it to wear to my work at a lunchroom. But when I quit I kept on wearing it in my daily life, because I actually quite liked the look on me. I even bought a white one too. I guess you could say my work opened my eyes to new fashion possibilities. IMG_3840

This blue dress is one I bought with two friends to celebrate new years eve together. I kept on wearing it after that. When a year and a half later my best friend died in an accident I realized I only wore it when I did stuff with her. So I decided to wear it to her cremation. I wasn’t sure if it wouldn’t be inappropriate since it’s not black, but the family and friends understood. I haven’t worn it since.


This blue dress has quite a different story from the previous one. I celebrated my sixteenth birthday wearing this dress. The only size available in this colour was too small. But I bought it anyway, because it fitted and it was the only one left. I grew out of this dress quicker than you can say macarons. I just can’t seem to get rid of it. I’m kinda attached to it. It’s laying in the back of my closet now. IMG_3843

I bought this short and top the first time I went to Forever 21. Although I didn’t really like the store and it’s clothing I did like these pieces. They became favorites last summer and I have worn them quite a lot. Sometimes you have to be lucky and find that one item in a store that you need/want.

IMG_3844This skirt from H&M cost me so much effort. I first tried it on in the store, but didn’t buy it. I regretted not buying it, so I ordered it online. When it arrived it had a factory mistake and I had to order it again. By the time I got it, every one else had bought it too and I was doubting if I should even buy it. Now I would kinda seem like a copycat. But since no one ever seems to care about wearing the same things or being a copycat I bought it. And I still love the skirt. It feels so Gossip-Girl-school-girl-uniform like.

This shirt is three years old I think, but it’s laying in the back of my closet. I bought this to wear to my first day of work at this very cute lunchroom where I really wanted to work. Two years later I got the job (I wore the black blouse I mentioned earlier instead of this shirt though) and it turned out to be horrible. It wasn’t at all what I had expected from working there (the bosses were horrible). So that dream kind of went up in flames..

IMG_3846Me and two friends were out shopping a few years ago and we thought it would be fun to have the same shirts to seal our friendship. So we all bought this shirt. It doesn’t fit anymore, but I just can’t get rid of it. It has sentimentsl values. I found out a while ago that the rest of us didn’t really have a problem with getting rid of it since I’m the only one that still has this shirt. I’m such a good friend. (Mean Girls Reference!)

I hope you enjoyed reading these stories.

Miss Fancy


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