What To Watch

Hey guys,
It probably sounds familiar that you want to watch a show on Netflix, but you have no idea which one to choose. I don’t blame you, there are so many choices! That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of my favorite tv shows.

Once Upon A Time
I’ve loved fairytales ever since I was a little girl. In this show, every fairytale is combined in this town called Storybrooke. Snow White, the Evil Queen, Belle, Pinocchio, they are all there. Season 4 just released on Netflix, so there’s enough to watch.

Gossip Girl
I LOVE this show. The never-ending drama between the spoiled rich teenagers on the Upper East Side will never bore me. I’m almost done with season 5, and even though I already know who Gossip Girl is, it doesn’t make the show less interesting.

Pretty Little Liars
Every episode of this show brings up more questions, but the most important of all is of course: who is A? It can be a little bit scary sometimes, but the show is perfect for you if you want to watch the abnormal lives of teenage girls who are being stalked by the mysterious A.

How I Met Your Mother
This is the kind of show I like to watch when I’m in the mood for comedy. The show is very funny and it’s a bit similar to Friends. The quest from Ted to find his perfect woman is sometimes hilarious and sometimes sad. So if you just don’t have the concentration to focus on a 40 minute episode, this show is perfect for you.

Orange Is The New Black
All I can say about this show is that it’s very good and very addicting. It’s so inspiring that the women who might be in prison for 20 years, are happy and try to improve their lives. Highly recommended.

Modern Family
I’ll end this post with a show that is quite similar to How I Met Your Mother. Modern Family just perfectly describes how life in the 21st century really is. And the three families starring in the show give us, according to the television network ABC, an honest and often hilarious look into the sometimes warm, sometimes twisted, embrace of the modern family.

I hope you know what to watch now!
Miss Charming


Instagramers to follow

Hi everyone!
Soon it’s gonna be rainy and cold outside and you’ll probably be on instagram a lot, out of boredom. That’s why I’m gonna show you some cool instagramers to follow. (And obviously you should follow me, @xmissfancy.)

This account is a combination between a travel account and a fashion account. It’s a guy and he’s pretty cute.

This account is sooo cute. She posts perfect pictures and the captions are truely inspiring. She’s super nice and very positive about everyone and life in general.

Girl from Germany who posts pretty pictures of fashion and lifestyle.

The only youtuber of which I actually like the instagram as well.

The life of a real barbie.

Look at him.


Very cute account of a girl who lives close to Paris and Disneyland.

Talking about Disneyland, this girl works there!

Really cool colourful hair.

The best travel account out there.

The blogger behind Barefootblonde.com. Posts cute pictures of her child and husband and mostly of her hairstyles (lots of braids).

Really talented artist.

Mostly pretty landscape pictures.

These are sisters who are fashionbloggers and post really cool things.

A lot of pastel to like.

I hope you like these accounts as much as I do. See you next time!

Miss Fancy

Sick Day Essentials

Hey guys,
After being sick for a whole week, I’m glad I can finally get back to work and breathe through my nose again. Being at home with the flu isn’t ideal, but I hope these essentials will get you through a sick day!

Netflix has been my best friend for months now. It’s just perfect to kill time. And let’s be honest, binge-watching our favorite shows is always a good plan.
Water & tea. Water to keep me hydrated and tea to make my throat feel less sore. Add honey if you like.
My phone ofcourse. I could not live without it. Talking to my friends, taking pictures of my cat and playing a lot of games are one of the many things I use my phone for.
Fluffy socks, these things keep my feet warm and also make your sick day-outfit look a lot cuter.
Puzzles. I used to make puzzles all the time as a kid but then school got in the way. I rediscovered my love for puzzles, it’s so addicting and a little bit of brain training too.
Food. I’m usually not very hungry when I’m sick. But you have to eat something to I like to snack on fruits and crackers with sugar. That way you will be full without having to eat an entire meal which will probably make you nauseous.
Miss Charming

Fall/Winter fashion file/moodboard

Hey guys!

I was shopping last week and got really inspired. I made some notes of the stuff I saw in stores that I think are a good idea to buy now to wear this fall/winter. So I thought I’d make a little moodboard/trendfile for you guys. We don’t post about fashion that often, although I really like it, so I want to change that. Are you ready for fall fashion? I sure am! Can’t wait to get the scarves, trenchcoats and boots out of my closet.

If you want to skip all the text you can scroll down and just look at the pictures for inspiration.

One word: tartan. I saw this in stores a lot. Whether the print is on scarves or blouses or on skirts, it’s just really hot right now. But the easiest way to add this to your f/w warderobe is to buy the print on a scarf. First of all a scarf is easy to replace next season when the trend will probably be over. And on top of that scarves are not a key piece, so you don’t have to wear the print all the time. Scarves should be on your list to buy for this f/w season anyway, because scarves are great to keep from getting a cold/freezing and it’s a super fun thing to add to your outfit.
You probably already have something with the tartan print in your closet, because it was already in last season. (For example the blouse with tartan print has been on trend for quite some time now.) So now’s your time to flaunt it a little more. The best way to combine this print is to go with the classic colours for this print (red, black and white) and combine it with black, white and grey to make the print the center of attention. You should make sure you don’t have too much colours or prints going on, because that’s distracting and they will probably clash.

Next thing on my list is the trenchcoat. I love trenchcoats. They are so stylish and classy. I used to wear them all the time, then all of the sudden decided I hated them and that they we’re for losers. But now I’ve come to my senses and realize they’re fabulous. They instantly make your outfit chic. Combine them with skinny jeans, a shirt, and maybe a scarf and you’re good to go. If you dare combine it with heels and you’ll look like you’re late to your meeting to talk about how you’ll be in the New York Fashion Week next to the hotest new male model. Or is that just my imagination running wild? Anyway, mark my words: trenchcoat. are. it.

Ofcourse the oversized, chunky knit vest is also on the list. It’s so comfortable, I think this is a trend we’ve all been waiting for! It’s easy to wear, but also easy to fall back on when you don’t know what to wear. It’s like picking your favorite sweater to wear: you know it’s always a good choice. You surely won’t regret picking it, because it feels great, but you also look great! It’s a win-win kind of situation.

Maybe I just really like a chic, business look, but I also have a feeling that blazers and blouses will be really hot this season. They make you look like you own the place while you might not even know where the hell you are. Go for blazers in bright colours and keep the rest basic or go for basic blazers and combine them with awesome statement pieces. It’s up to you! Blouses are easy since they’re the only thing you need to go with some jeans and shoes. You can (almost) never go wrong with a classy, black-and-white piece.

Boots. Knee boots. Enkle boots. Boots with straps. Boots with heels. Black boots. Brown boots. Boots made of suede or made of leather. Just boots in general. (I’ve written the word boots so many times i’m beginning to doubt if it’s spelled correctly and it will probably sound weird for the rest of the week..) There’s so much choice, there’s something for everyone. Boots are always a big part of f/w fashion, so go pick your pair.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor trench coat with tartanAfbeeldingsresultaat voor trenchcoatAfbeeldingsresultaat voor scarves winter with trenchcoat

I also love this article I found on H&M about a kind-of-Serena-like style. Sadly brown doesn’t really go with anything in my closet, so I guess I just have to go with a completly new warderobe…

I hope you liked this post and that I inspired you with this fall/winter fashion ideas.

Miss Fancy

Note: none of these pictures are mine.

RECIPE: Vegetarian Pasta

Hi guys,
So lately I’ve been cooking dinner a lot more. What I noticed is that the recipes that are quick and easy to make, are my favorite. That’s why I’m sharing the recipe for my vegetarian pasta today.

What you’ll need:
* pasta of preference (100 grams per person)
* tomato sauce
* add vegetables, I like paprika, any kind of bean, onions, etc.
* a little bit of salt
* grated cheese
What to do:
* boil 1 liter of water
* heat the vegetables in a pan
* water boils -> add the pasta, let it simmer for 11 minutes
* add the tomato sauce to the vegetables, keep it on low heat!
* when the pasta is done, drain it and put it in a large bowl
* add the sauce to the pasta bowl or a seperate one
* if you want, add cheese at the top

Bon appétit!

Miss Charming

Starting is the hardest part

Hi everyone!
This might be a typical case of the blind leading the blind, but I wanted to give you some inside information on how to start a blog. It can be difficult to decide how to handle the things that come at you when starting a blog, so here are some tips from a (not so much) expert to safely (and stress free) guide you through the experience.

Amount of posting
You should try to post 1 or 2 times a week. If you can handle it you can try to post more, but we soon discovered that posting 4 times a week was not easy. After a few weeks we quickly ran out of inspiration to post about so much and it wasn’t really fun anymore. Posting less than 1 or 2 times a week is also not a really great idea, because if you don’t post there will be nothing to read for your visitors. You will see the more you post the more visitors you’ll have. Just don’t over do it!

The first post
Your first post should be about who you are and what your motives are to start this blog. People appreciate to see who’s behind it and see someone who puts effort and energy into it. Show your passion, because enthusiasm is contagious. On the other hand, if you want to stay anonymous posting about yourself is not necessary.

You should try to get the word out that you’ve started a blog as much as possible. Link your blog to a site like bloglovin’, use tags with each post and maybe even post something about your new blog on your social media accounts. The more you advertise and let people know you exist, the more visitors you will have.

Ofcourse blogging isn’t all about having visitors. You should do it because it’s fun. However visitors can motivate you to continue when you have no inspiration or just feel like giving up. I don’t really agree with the quote I used for the title when it comes to blogging, because I still struggle to find stuff to write about each week.

P.S.: Here’s a tip for already existing bloggers: when you have no inspiration on what to blog about just post about blogging like I did. 😉

Miss Fancy

Tips for Bad (Hair) Days, Life Lessons and more!

Hey guys,
So today I have a post full of inspiration, tips and wanderlust for you. These are all articles from one of my favorite motivational websites: Careergirldaily.com. Hope you enjoy!

Miss Charming