The taste of fall

Hey everyone!

Fall/autumn is around the corner and I’m starting to crave hot chocolate with wipped cream to go with a good book on the couch. Every season has it’s own favorite food that we like to eat. As for fall, the ingredients that fit best are apple, pear, carrot, pumpkin, nuts, mushrooms. Here’s a list of things with these ingredients that are delicious to eat.

-Pumpkin soup
This is a great thing to make this season. I think it’s delicious and it goes great with carving pumpkins for halloween.

We like to eat it with mashed potato and red cabage.

-Tagliatelle funghi
Fall is the best season for mushrooms and I could always eat pasta.

-Hotchpotch (hutspot, en nee die vertaling is geen grap :’))
With carrots, onion and potato it’s quite a healthy meal.

This pumpkin peanut stew
Bonuspoints for it being a vegan recipe.

-A dutch recipe that would literally be translated to ‘Hot lighting’.
So it’s called ‘hete bliksem’, but I like to call it sweet apples. It’s basically just mashed potatoes with mashed, sweet apples.

I hope you will enjoy these recipes this season. Are you ready for fall?

Miss Fancy


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