Sick Day Essentials

Hey guys,
After being sick for a whole week, I’m glad I can finally get back to work and breathe through my nose again. Being at home with the flu isn’t ideal, but I hope these essentials will get you through a sick day!

Netflix has been my best friend for months now. It’s just perfect to kill time. And let’s be honest, binge-watching our favorite shows is always a good plan.
Water & tea. Water to keep me hydrated and tea to make my throat feel less sore. Add honey if you like.
My phone ofcourse. I could not live without it. Talking to my friends, taking pictures of my cat and playing a lot of games are one of the many things I use my phone for.
Fluffy socks, these things keep my feet warm and also make your sick day-outfit look a lot cuter.
Puzzles. I used to make puzzles all the time as a kid but then school got in the way. I rediscovered my love for puzzles, it’s so addicting and a little bit of brain training too.
Food. I’m usually not very hungry when I’m sick. But you have to eat something to I like to snack on fruits and crackers with sugar. That way you will be full without having to eat an entire meal which will probably make you nauseous.
Miss Charming


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