What To Watch

Hey guys,
It probably sounds familiar that you want to watch a show on Netflix, but you have no idea which one to choose. I don’t blame you, there are so many choices! That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of my favorite tv shows.

Once Upon A Time
I’ve loved fairytales ever since I was a little girl. In this show, every fairytale is combined in this town called Storybrooke. Snow White, the Evil Queen, Belle, Pinocchio, they are all there. Season 4 just released on Netflix, so there’s enough to watch.

Gossip Girl
I LOVE this show. The never-ending drama between the spoiled rich teenagers on the Upper East Side will never bore me. I’m almost done with season 5, and even though I already know who Gossip Girl is, it doesn’t make the show less interesting.

Pretty Little Liars
Every episode of this show brings up more questions, but the most important of all is of course: who is A? It can be a little bit scary sometimes, but the show is perfect for you if you want to watch the abnormal lives of teenage girls who are being stalked by the mysterious A.

How I Met Your Mother
This is the kind of show I like to watch when I’m in the mood for comedy. The show is very funny and it’s a bit similar to Friends. The quest from Ted to find his perfect woman is sometimes hilarious and sometimes sad. So if you just don’t have the concentration to focus on a 40 minute episode, this show is perfect for you.

Orange Is The New Black
All I can say about this show is that it’s very good and very addicting. It’s so inspiring that the women who might be in prison for 20 years, are happy and try to improve their lives. Highly recommended.

Modern Family
I’ll end this post with a show that is quite similar to How I Met Your Mother. Modern Family just perfectly describes how life in the 21st century really is. And the three families starring in the show give us, according to the television network ABC, an honest and often hilarious look into the sometimes warm, sometimes twisted, embrace of the modern family.

I hope you know what to watch now!
Miss Charming


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