Halloween Essentials

Hi everyone!
As you all know, it’s halloween today and it’s my turn to post today. So, obviously this is gonna be a halloween post. Here are some essentials you will need today.

-Cool friends to scare the crap out of.
-Creepy food like this or this .
-Lot’s of candy to go into a sugar coma.
-A couple of scary movies. As Miss Charming mentioned in her Current Obsessions #3 post, you can find a couple of examples on Buzzfeed.
Spooky decor stuff to hang around your house.
-Maybe some booze to get the party started.
-Your phone to take a lot of funny, terrifying, frightning pictures. Don’t forget to lose it somewhere at a party! That would be nightmarish 😉
-An ominous outfit to make a great impression and win that prize for best costume.

So those are a few things you might need today. Whatever your plans are for today, I hope you have fun. I’m going to a halloween party tonight and got most of the things on my list, so I’m sure I’ll have a lot of fun! Happy halloween everyone!

Miss Fancy


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