10 reasons why I love December

Hi guys!
December is coming up and I’m super excited about it! And i’ve made a list of reasons why.

Number 1: Obviously, because it’s my B-day this month! It’s on Christmas day, so my birthday is always special. I love it.

Number 2: It might snow. Probably not here though. But it might. 🙂

Number 3: There will be christmas trees. And christmas lights. And just all the christmas decorations you can think of.

Number 4: So. Much. Food. Candy canes, christmas dinners and FOOOOOD.

Number 5: New Years Eve. Counting down the seconds with your loved ones and popping some champagne.

Number 6: CHRISTMAS SONGS. They create that super cozy, holiday feeling and they just make me so happy.

Number 7: All the stores look super pretty, because of the holiday season.

Number 8: While America has Santaclaus, we have Sinterklaas. And it’s a super cozy holiday where we exchange gifts and eat a lot. Kinda like christmas. So we have TWICE as much holidays. I mean, come on, that’s awesome.

Number 9: Christmas movies are finally okay to watch again. Christmas-movie-binge-watch-marathon time!

Number 10: Candles get to be burned and I love how cozy it makes everything look. I especially love scented ones.

I just love December, because it’s so cozy and happy and festive! But it always goes by so fast, so we better make the most of it and enjoy every second. Before you know it it’s the beginning of a new year and you have to start making good on those new years resolutions…

Miss Fancy


November favorites

Hi guys!
Today I have a couple of new favorites for you.

Red velvet cake & red cups season at Starbucks
I wanted to try this for a long time and when red cups season hit Starbucks they also sold red velvet cake! It’s chocolate cake with a red colour, so ofcourse it was delicious. I’m so in love with the whole vibe they got at starbucks these days with the christmas songs playing and the new stuff they sell (for example the red velvet cake) and the red cups. Although I’m not loving the red cups Starbucks created this year. The ones from last year were way cuter.

Fortune cookies 
I’ve always loved these, but never knew where to get them. One day I was picknicking in Vondelpark with some friends and one of them had these with her. Turns out they just sell them at our supermarket. I never actually went looking for them, but recently ran into them at Hema. So now I have them laying in my room waiting for a perfect opportunity to use them (like new years eve or my bday or something).

Coco vanilla body butter
It smells so good. I bought this at a local store and it was super cheap, so the quality won’t be that good, but I just bought it for the scent.

Perfume: Daisy Dream & Dolce
My recent perfume obsessions are Daisy Dream from Marc Jacobs and (still) Dolce from Dolce and Gabbana. I know I’m getting the giftbox from Daisy Dream for my birthday, so I’m super excited about that. The giftbox from Dolce was cuter, but it had the normal Dolce perfume in it and I want the floral drops (I finally decided).

Fruit smoothies/juices
I was out shopping with a friend and we wanted to get something to drink, so we went to the supermarket. I was going in the direction of starbucks ice coffee, but that friend picked a fruit smoothie/juice. I always like to try new stuff, so I picked one too and I like it. It’s delicious and much more healthy than starbucks. We all need vitamines.

The intern
I saw this movie a few weeks ago and it’s so cute, funny and charming. It’s about a 70 year old man, Ben, feeling like retirement has started too soon for him and like he still has something to offer the world. So he starts a job as senior intern at a fashion webshop. The contrast between him and the other employees is hilarious. The old man is so adorable and he leaves a little sparkle everywhere he goes. This movie is definitely a must watch!

Miss Fancy

My week in New York #2

So after realizing I hadn’t eaten anything all day, I decided to go back to the hostel and find some food. I took the right Subway back (yay!) and bought some groceries like a real adult. 

At 3pm I had finally eaten and I was ready to explore New York again. Visiting the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) was on my wishlist. Luckily I had found out that admission was free that evening, so I went there with one of my roommates, Robin. After two hours of seeing incredible art and a lot of people, we were tired and hungry and all we wanted to do was grab some food and go back to the hostel. 

Walking on Fifth Avenue in the evening is so cool. There are Christmas lights everywhere and it looks so different from the Upper West Side. Seeing the buildings and streets you saw in movies, and now right in front of you, it’s surreal. 

Don’t eat close to Fifth Avenue, because a sandwich is ridiculously expensive. It was a good sandwich and I knew beforehand that New York was gonna be pricey, but still. We got back at the hostel around 9pm, and I was so tired that I immediately went to bed. Yeah, my first day in New York was a good one.


Miss Charming

How you should not try to get over a breakup

Hi everyone!

I decided to do a request from a reader of our blog, so I’m going to tell you how you should not try to get over a breakup. The request was actually how to get over a breakup, but we’ll get to that at the end. Breakups and heartbreaks suck, so I hope these tips will help.

  • Don’t be a basic teenager who buys ice cream and plans a little Netflix and cry with herself or a bestie. Well ofcourse you can do this one or two times the first days, but this solution is only temporary, so don’t get stuck in this fase.
  • Don’t pretend you’re fine either. It’s okay to cry.
  • Don’t start the bad habbit of guy-hopping. Don’t start a new relationship to forget about the previous one. It might be tempting to show your ex how well you’re doing with a new guy, but this is pretty mean and not going to work for yourself.
  • Don’t start drinking on every occasion you get, because being drunk is never a solution for anything. It’s avoiding your problems. Which is fine on one party, one night, but don’t kill your liver.
  • Don’t try to stay friends. This almost never works. Just see him as someone you used to know.
  • Don’t stalk them on social media and DEFINITELY don’t read old messages. Ever. It will only give you heartbreak over and over again. You don’t have to unfollow them everywhere, but you can keep being friends on facebook without having to see them on your timeline all the time. Just go to their profile and click on the little “following” button and just click unfollow. They won’t really notice, so no hard feelings.
  • Don’t text your ex. Just don’t. it’s akward and same as with reading old messages: you’ll only miss them more.
  • We are all human beings and we all get the tendency to do this, especially when they hurt you, but don’t try to take revenge on them. Usually it looks pathetic. Stay strong and stand above it. Hate only brings more hate in your life. And don’t post anything about it on social media.
  • Don’t avoid them for the rest of your life. You will run into them eventually. It’s okay to avoid them, but don’t skip a party a year later, because they might be there. Don’t sell yourself short and miss that party. Just go and if the are indeed at that party just say hi like an adult and continue having fun with your friends. (But don’t pretend to have SO MUCH FUN to make him jealous either. You want to think of him as just a guy you used to know.)
  • Don’t keep holding that bear he gave you and cry your eyes out or stare at that picture of you and him holding hands. Throw it into a bag and put it somewhere in the attic. Out of sight out of mind. Don’t throw them away either! You will want to hold onto it for later, when your heart has healed and you can think of it as a great memory again. Same goes with pictures. Store them somewhere on your computer and delete them off your phone.
  • Don’t listen to sad, breakup songs for forever. Listen to fun songs that make you happy. Alter your way of thinking to alter your reality.

Now I hear you think “And how DO I get over a breakup?”. Well, move on. Not the kind of move-on-into-a-next-relationship, but the kind where you just live your life. Do fun stuff with friends. Work hard at school or your job. Make your life better for yourself, not to get him back. If you really want him back (and you thought about it well and the breakup is longer than a year ago) you could ask, but if he say no you should accept and respect that answer. DON’T BEG. And do not become the desperate stalking ex either.

In fact, just don’t talk to boys. Just kidding. Don’t give up on love, there’s someone out there for you.

Miss Fancy

My week in New York

Hi guys,

So last week I spent a few nights in the Upper West Side. At this hostel to be exact. On Thursday the 29th I arrived at 8pm, the view from the plane was amazing. It looked like the whole city was covered in billions of lights. 

So after getting through Customs, I was tired and hungry and all I wanted to do was sleep. Luckily I had ordered a transfer which would take me to the hostel. I finally slept at 1am. 

Even though I was tired, my jetlag woke me up around 4am and I sadly couldn’t sleep after that. New York City indeed never sleeps. There were sounds of trucks and people singing, a huge contrast with the small and quiet town I live in. 

After a while I wasn’t tired anymore: I was excited to explore New York! Planning isn’t really my thing when I travel, so I just walked around the neighbourhood with my PSL. 

View from my room!

Around noon I took the first Subway I saw. ‘Hey, this one is going to Times Square, let’s go there!’ Times Square is impressive. There are so many lights and people and everything makes noise. Ofcourse I had to take a picture with the people dressed as random characters from TV shows.  

 Note: they expect tips!

Spotted: a huge H&M. I thought the H&M in Amsterdam was big but this was just wow… I didn’t know where to start. I grabbed a few cute tops and went to the dressing rooms. Which are beautiful, I mean look at this wall!

I didn’t buy anything because I am very picky about clothes lately. After this I realized I hadn’t eaten all day. I was probably too excited about finally being in New York City that I totally forget about breakfast. And lunch. 
I realize this post is gonna be very long if I tell you about my whole week. So I thought I would call this part one, next week there will be a part two with more pictures! Hope you enjoyed reading this. 

Miss Charming 

My 10 favorite movies based on books

Hi guys!
Today I have my top ten favorite movies based on books for you! I do like to read the book first before i watch the movie, because the other way around never works.  Anyway let’s get started on the list.

1 Mean Girls
How could this be anywhere else than number one. It’s actually based on a book about how to raise your childeren and help them deal with other people (read fantastically bitchy queen B’s), which is called “Queen B’s and Wannabe’s”.

2 The Great Gatsby
The one with DiCaprio in it. I love how tragic it all is and ofcourse all the fabulous parties on screen.

3 If I Stay
Haven’t read the book actually, but the movie was great.

4 The Longest Ride
From the writer of The Notebook and Dear John, which, btw, are also great books. I love when old people have interesting stories and this tells the story of a man while we also see the story of a young couple dealing with simular problems.

5 Confessions Of A Shopaholic
Love this movie. Always watch it when I feel down.

6 The Fault In Our Stars
Went to the première of this one and loved it. Read the book really quickly before the première, so I didn’t really cry, but it’s sad though.

7 Breakfast At Tiffany’s
Classic one.

8 Girl, interrupted
Still intend to read the book, because I just loved the movie. So relatable for many young people to not know what you want to do with your life.

9  To Save A Life
It might be a bit boring sometimes, but the message is amazing. It’s about a popular guy, Jake, who’s ex-best friend commits suicide. This makes Jake question and change some things in his life as he starts to reach out to the less popular kids, while dealing with his own problems. This movie ends strong and deals with serious problems people might have.

10 Bridge to Terabithia
Such a sad, sad movie. You can cry for days.

So that’s it. Sorry if i missed a few, these were just the ons that immediately came to my mind. Another thing I want to add is if I had read and watch Paper Towns already it would probably be on the list too! Anyway I hope you feel inspired to watch a few movies and read a few books.

Miss Fancy

4 Reasons To Join Tumblr

Hey guys,
As I told you quite a few times, Tumblr is my favorite website. There is something about posting a thought that has been stuck in your mind for hours and knowing that none of your friends or family will see it. At least, that’s for me the case. No one I know in real life follows me on Tumblr and I’d like to keep it that way. So if you need to be convinced to join the most amazing website ever, here are my four reasons.

  1. There is a blog for everyone
    If you are looking for adorable animals doing adorable stuff, follow this blog. If you like humor, aesthetic, or are you fangirling over a band or tv show? Believe me, there is a blog for you.
  2. So. Much. Privacy.
    Or not, depending on your preference. You can use a meme as your profile picture, your own face, or whatever you want. The only thing Tumblr wants to know about you is your email adress. Nothing else. No phone number, not where you live, no real names.
  3. You learn a lot
    Tumblr is a place where no one knows each other and everyone can be themselves without judgement from others. In the past few years I’ve spent on Tumblr, I learned about things they won’t tell you about in school or in the news. Such as how it really is to live with depression or being a transgender. I think it’s important for everyone to learn about these issues, and as a result your ability to have empathy for others increases.
  4. No more bad days
    Or at least, they will be less bad when you see posts like this one. If you follow a lot of humor blogs like I do, I can guarantee that you will feel better after five minutes. Posts that contain cute animals or jokes that you will want to remember to tell someone else are not that hard to find, so just scroll through and smile!

Miss Charming