4 Reasons To Join Tumblr

Hey guys,
As I told you quite a few times, Tumblr is my favorite website. There is something about posting a thought that has been stuck in your mind for hours and knowing that none of your friends or family will see it. At least, that’s for me the case. No one I know in real life follows me on Tumblr and I’d like to keep it that way. So if you need to be convinced to join the most amazing website ever, here are my four reasons.

  1. There is a blog for everyone
    If you are looking for adorable animals doing adorable stuff, follow this blog. If you like humor, aesthetic, or are you fangirling over a band or tv show? Believe me, there is a blog for you.
  2. So. Much. Privacy.
    Or not, depending on your preference. You can use a meme as your profile picture, your own face, or whatever you want. The only thing Tumblr wants to know about you is your email adress. Nothing else. No phone number, not where you live, no real names.
  3. You learn a lot
    Tumblr is a place where no one knows each other and everyone can be themselves without judgement from others. In the past few years I’ve spent on Tumblr, I learned about things they won’t tell you about in school or in the news. Such as how it really is to live with depression or being a transgender. I think it’s important for everyone to learn about these issues, and as a result your ability to have empathy for others increases.
  4. No more bad days
    Or at least, they will be less bad when you see posts like this one. If you follow a lot of humor blogs like I do, I can guarantee that you will feel better after five minutes. Posts that contain cute animals or jokes that you will want to remember to tell someone else are not that hard to find, so just scroll through and smile!

Miss Charming


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