My week in New York

Hi guys,

So last week I spent a few nights in the Upper West Side. At this hostel to be exact. On Thursday the 29th I arrived at 8pm, the view from the plane was amazing. It looked like the whole city was covered in billions of lights. 

So after getting through Customs, I was tired and hungry and all I wanted to do was sleep. Luckily I had ordered a transfer which would take me to the hostel. I finally slept at 1am. 

Even though I was tired, my jetlag woke me up around 4am and I sadly couldn’t sleep after that. New York City indeed never sleeps. There were sounds of trucks and people singing, a huge contrast with the small and quiet town I live in. 

After a while I wasn’t tired anymore: I was excited to explore New York! Planning isn’t really my thing when I travel, so I just walked around the neighbourhood with my PSL. 

View from my room!

Around noon I took the first Subway I saw. ‘Hey, this one is going to Times Square, let’s go there!’ Times Square is impressive. There are so many lights and people and everything makes noise. Ofcourse I had to take a picture with the people dressed as random characters from TV shows.  

 Note: they expect tips!

Spotted: a huge H&M. I thought the H&M in Amsterdam was big but this was just wow… I didn’t know where to start. I grabbed a few cute tops and went to the dressing rooms. Which are beautiful, I mean look at this wall!

I didn’t buy anything because I am very picky about clothes lately. After this I realized I hadn’t eaten all day. I was probably too excited about finally being in New York City that I totally forget about breakfast. And lunch. 
I realize this post is gonna be very long if I tell you about my whole week. So I thought I would call this part one, next week there will be a part two with more pictures! Hope you enjoyed reading this. 

Miss Charming 


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