My week in New York #2

So after realizing I hadn’t eaten anything all day, I decided to go back to the hostel and find some food. I took the right Subway back (yay!) and bought some groceries like a real adult. 

At 3pm I had finally eaten and I was ready to explore New York again. Visiting the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) was on my wishlist. Luckily I had found out that admission was free that evening, so I went there with one of my roommates, Robin. After two hours of seeing incredible art and a lot of people, we were tired and hungry and all we wanted to do was grab some food and go back to the hostel. 

Walking on Fifth Avenue in the evening is so cool. There are Christmas lights everywhere and it looks so different from the Upper West Side. Seeing the buildings and streets you saw in movies, and now right in front of you, it’s surreal. 

Don’t eat close to Fifth Avenue, because a sandwich is ridiculously expensive. It was a good sandwich and I knew beforehand that New York was gonna be pricey, but still. We got back at the hostel around 9pm, and I was so tired that I immediately went to bed. Yeah, my first day in New York was a good one.


Miss Charming


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