10 reasons why I love December

Hi guys!
December is coming up and I’m super excited about it! And i’ve made a list of reasons why.

Number 1: Obviously, because it’s my B-day this month! It’s on Christmas day, so my birthday is always special. I love it.

Number 2: It might snow. Probably not here though. But it might. 🙂

Number 3: There will be christmas trees. And christmas lights. And just all the christmas decorations you can think of.

Number 4: So. Much. Food. Candy canes, christmas dinners and FOOOOOD.

Number 5: New Years Eve. Counting down the seconds with your loved ones and popping some champagne.

Number 6: CHRISTMAS SONGS. They create that super cozy, holiday feeling and they just make me so happy.

Number 7: All the stores look super pretty, because of the holiday season.

Number 8: While America has Santaclaus, we have Sinterklaas. And it’s a super cozy holiday where we exchange gifts and eat a lot. Kinda like christmas. So we have TWICE as much holidays. I mean, come on, that’s awesome.

Number 9: Christmas movies are finally okay to watch again. Christmas-movie-binge-watch-marathon time!

Number 10: Candles get to be burned and I love how cozy it makes everything look. I especially love scented ones.

I just love December, because it’s so cozy and happy and festive! But it always goes by so fast, so we better make the most of it and enjoy every second. Before you know it it’s the beginning of a new year and you have to start making good on those new years resolutions…

Miss Fancy


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