Current obsessions #4

Hi guys,

Last October I wrote my last “current obsessions”. And of course in those months I have started loving new things. So I thought it was time to write an update!

I already liked country music before I went to Nashville. But after spending a few days there, and hearing it in bars and stores and on the streets, I grew to love that genre. Lately the Country Coffeehouse-playlist from Spotify has been on repeat. It is really relaxing and a perfect playlist for early mornings.

Yoga & Running
This year I’m going to try to make new goals every month. For February those goals were to run every Saturday and practice yoga three times a week. Running helps me to clear my head and to enjoy spending time outside, even when it’s cold. I practice yoga with the help of the 30-day Yoga Challenge from the DoYouYoga Youtube channel. For me the best time to do it is in the morning, that way you’ll feel refreshed and just like with running, it clears your head.

Free Time
I have been very busy with work the past few weeks but I’m trying to do something that makes me happy every single day. Reading is one of those things. In January I read Emma by Jane Austen. It was tough, but watching Clueless (which is inspired by the book) helped me a lot with understanding the story. Another thing is watching Friends. A couple of times I tried to watch everything from the beginning but somehow I always failed after a few episodes. I just finished season one and I’m exited to start watching season two this weekend.

Such a cliché, I know. But I have to leave for work at 7.30 am, then it’s very nice to have a warm drink just after you woke up. Speaking of early mornings, I love them. Every day it’s a little bit less dark outside and a little less cold. Can’t wait for Spring to arrive!


Have a good weekend ♥

Miss Charming


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