6 signs of spring

Hi guys!

Spring is in the air and we can all feel it! It makes us long for summer even more and we are so ready to leave winter behind us. Here are 6 signs of the start of spring.

  1. The sun makes you wanna go outside, although it’s still freezing. It looks like great weather to take a walk or go get ice cream with friends.
  2. Flowers are starting to grow.
  3. You can smell it in the air. It’s that special scent you smell outside, which let’s you know that spring and summer are so close that you can smell it. 😉
  4. You get to wear sunglasses, while still wearing scarfs and gloves.
  5. You see people wearing short sleeves, jackets and sandals. It’s not really time yet to ditch your winter warderobe, but those daredevils who already did make it feel like summer isn’t far away anymore.
  6. The days are slowly starting to get longer and less dark. Those long, hot summer nights are coming!

Can’t wait for summer!

Miss Fancy


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