Fun date ideas

Hey everyone!

If you’re planning on going on a date, but can’t think of anything fun to do: I’m here to help you! Some of these ideas might be obvious, but I’m gonna add them anyway to make this list a complete one. This list is suitable for people who are going on first dates, but also for people who want to do something fun with their longterm bf/gf, but have run out of inspiration on what to do.

Idea #1: Cinema date
This one’s a classic and you almost can’t go wrong with it. If it’s akward you don’t have to talk. It’s not really great for bonding though, so if you really wanna get to know eachother I would recommend going for something else.

Idea #2: Going for lunch/coffee/drinks
This is not one to pick if you expect or fear akward silences, but great for getting to know eachother, when you found out it actually wasn’t akward on your first date. This is kinda more a follow-up date. But hey, I did this as a first date once and it went great, so it’s up to you to decide.

Idea #3: Ice skating
Obviously this one’s only suitable for winter, but it’s fun and also kinda more romantic than everything else. And afterwards there’s enough time to get hot chocolates and gaze into eachother’s eyes while holding hands. Bonuspoints for going in the evening with lights everywhere. It doesn’t get more romantic than this.

Idea #4: Getting breakfast
You can do this at Ikea or Hema or something like that and the biggest pro to this one is that it’s super cheap. If you don’t have a lot of money to blow, but you still wanna do something fun this is a great idea. You have to get up pretty early though.

Idea #5: Bake something together
Not really suitable as a first date, but great for longterm couples. Great to see how well you are able to work together. Bonus: delicious food to eat after it’s done.

Idea #6: Sushi date
If he’s into sushi, you’re into sushi and you’re into eachother: this one’s for you!

Idea #7: Shopping trip
I don’t know about you, but I always drag my boyfriends on a shopping trip. It’s so much fun and it’s a pretty good test to see what they like. Don’t force them to come along if they really don’t want to though.. That’s gonna end bad.

Idea #8: Go picknicking
Super romantic to do during summertime.

Idea #9: Netflix and chill
Pick a tv show to watch together or choose a movie to watch. Try to actually watch it. 😉

Idea #10: Getting ice cream
Kinda the same thing as getting coffee/lunch/drinks/breakfast, but this is the summer edition. Great to catch up and enjoy the sun.

Idea #11: Parties and festivals
Might not be the most romantic or conventional date, but you will have a lot of fun and possibly get to see eachother drunk. You could learn a lot about your date..

Idea #12: Cook for eachother
This is another one more suitable for couples. Don’t try to impress too much, it’s okay to keep it simple. As long as it’s not a total disaster that ends in ordering pizza, it will probably be a success.

Idea #13: Beach date
If it’s autumn you can take a walk along the shore and warm up with a hot chocolate, if it’s summer you can go swimming and tanning and end the day at a beach bar with a cocktail or something.

Idea #14: A day/weekend in a strange city
Just pick a random city in your own country and hop on the train. Explore the city together and maybe even book a hotel to stay a night to really get that vacation feeling.

Let’s try to mix the netflix and chill dates with actually doing something and talk. Let’s really get to know eachother!

Miss Fancy 


2 thoughts on “Fun date ideas

  1. Hey Miss Fancy and Miss Charming 🙂
    I’ve always been the biggest fan of your blog. It gave me so many new ideas and tips i don’t want to miss anymore. Now it’s nearly one year, since you have posted something.
    Can I expect something new soon? Or are you just busy with being awsome? 🙂
    lovely greetings,
    Miss Sweetheart

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Miss Sweetheart!
      Sorry for the late response! What a lovely comment of you, we appreciate it! Unfortunately we decided to stop. If we plan to ever start again, we’ll be sure to let you know! In the meantime you could follow us on Instagram if you’d like to fill the (inspiration) void a little haha

      Miss Fancy & Miss Charming


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