Fun date ideas

Hey everyone!

If you’re planning on going on a date, but can’t think of anything fun to do: I’m here to help you! Some of these ideas might be obvious, but I’m gonna add them anyway to make this list a complete one. This list is suitable for people who are going on first dates, but also for people who want to do something fun with their longterm bf/gf, but have run out of inspiration on what to do.

Idea #1: Cinema date
This one’s a classic and you almost can’t go wrong with it. If it’s akward you don’t have to talk. It’s not really great for bonding though, so if you really wanna get to know eachother I would recommend going for something else.

Idea #2: Going for lunch/coffee/drinks
This is not one to pick if you expect or fear akward silences, but great for getting to know eachother, when you found out it actually wasn’t akward on your first date. This is kinda more a follow-up date. But hey, I did this as a first date once and it went great, so it’s up to you to decide.

Idea #3: Ice skating
Obviously this one’s only suitable for winter, but it’s fun and also kinda more romantic than everything else. And afterwards there’s enough time to get hot chocolates and gaze into eachother’s eyes while holding hands. Bonuspoints for going in the evening with lights everywhere. It doesn’t get more romantic than this.

Idea #4: Getting breakfast
You can do this at Ikea or Hema or something like that and the biggest pro to this one is that it’s super cheap. If you don’t have a lot of money to blow, but you still wanna do something fun this is a great idea. You have to get up pretty early though.

Idea #5: Bake something together
Not really suitable as a first date, but great for longterm couples. Great to see how well you are able to work together. Bonus: delicious food to eat after it’s done.

Idea #6: Sushi date
If he’s into sushi, you’re into sushi and you’re into eachother: this one’s for you!

Idea #7: Shopping trip
I don’t know about you, but I always drag my boyfriends on a shopping trip. It’s so much fun and it’s a pretty good test to see what they like. Don’t force them to come along if they really don’t want to though.. That’s gonna end bad.

Idea #8: Go picknicking
Super romantic to do during summertime.

Idea #9: Netflix and chill
Pick a tv show to watch together or choose a movie to watch. Try to actually watch it. 😉

Idea #10: Getting ice cream
Kinda the same thing as getting coffee/lunch/drinks/breakfast, but this is the summer edition. Great to catch up and enjoy the sun.

Idea #11: Parties and festivals
Might not be the most romantic or conventional date, but you will have a lot of fun and possibly get to see eachother drunk. You could learn a lot about your date..

Idea #12: Cook for eachother
This is another one more suitable for couples. Don’t try to impress too much, it’s okay to keep it simple. As long as it’s not a total disaster that ends in ordering pizza, it will probably be a success.

Idea #13: Beach date
If it’s autumn you can take a walk along the shore and warm up with a hot chocolate, if it’s summer you can go swimming and tanning and end the day at a beach bar with a cocktail or something.

Idea #14: A day/weekend in a strange city
Just pick a random city in your own country and hop on the train. Explore the city together and maybe even book a hotel to stay a night to really get that vacation feeling.

Let’s try to mix the netflix and chill dates with actually doing something and talk. Let’s really get to know eachother!

Miss Fancy 


All-time favorites

Hey guys!

We want Miss Charming’s Current Obsessions posts and my Favorites posts to be a regular thing, so here’s one from me again. I normally do a Favorites that covers a month, but this time I wanted to do one where I show you my all-time favorite things. There are just some things that never stop being favorites, but ofcourse I can’t post about them every month. This post will be dedicated to those things I loved for a long time.

FullSizeRender (2)Gossip Girl
My Michael Kors watch >
Lush Bathbombs
Perfume: Eternity from Calvin Klein
Lavender scented candles
FullSizeRender (3)Pasta
Frozen Yoghurt
< My starbucks mug
New York
Leather jackets
Movies: Shopaholic, Meangirls, The Great Gatsby & Breakfast At Tiffany’s
Going out for lunch or coffee or something like that
Eyelash curler

There must be a ton of other things, but this is all I can think of right now.
Hope you all have a good week!

Miss Fancy

Spring Inspiration

Hey guys,

Even though it’s still cold here in the Netherlands, I have seen all the six signs of Spring. I am so looking forward to ditching my winter coat and gloves. Spring is definitely the best season. Because after a long winter, which contained a lot of cold and dark days, it’s wonderful to watch the sunrise when you wake up. You can go outside without having to wear thick sweaters, you can wear those cute tops again! As long as you’ll bring your sunglasses, you’ll be fine.


Spring, I’m ready for ya!
Miss Charming

6 signs of spring

Hi guys!

Spring is in the air and we can all feel it! It makes us long for summer even more and we are so ready to leave winter behind us. Here are 6 signs of the start of spring.

  1. The sun makes you wanna go outside, although it’s still freezing. It looks like great weather to take a walk or go get ice cream with friends.
  2. Flowers are starting to grow.
  3. You can smell it in the air. It’s that special scent you smell outside, which let’s you know that spring and summer are so close that you can smell it. 😉
  4. You get to wear sunglasses, while still wearing scarfs and gloves.
  5. You see people wearing short sleeves, jackets and sandals. It’s not really time yet to ditch your winter warderobe, but those daredevils who already did make it feel like summer isn’t far away anymore.
  6. The days are slowly starting to get longer and less dark. Those long, hot summer nights are coming!

Can’t wait for summer!

Miss Fancy

Current obsessions #4

Hi guys,

Last October I wrote my last “current obsessions”. And of course in those months I have started loving new things. So I thought it was time to write an update!

I already liked country music before I went to Nashville. But after spending a few days there, and hearing it in bars and stores and on the streets, I grew to love that genre. Lately the Country Coffeehouse-playlist from Spotify has been on repeat. It is really relaxing and a perfect playlist for early mornings.

Yoga & Running
This year I’m going to try to make new goals every month. For February those goals were to run every Saturday and practice yoga three times a week. Running helps me to clear my head and to enjoy spending time outside, even when it’s cold. I practice yoga with the help of the 30-day Yoga Challenge from the DoYouYoga Youtube channel. For me the best time to do it is in the morning, that way you’ll feel refreshed and just like with running, it clears your head.

Free Time
I have been very busy with work the past few weeks but I’m trying to do something that makes me happy every single day. Reading is one of those things. In January I read Emma by Jane Austen. It was tough, but watching Clueless (which is inspired by the book) helped me a lot with understanding the story. Another thing is watching Friends. A couple of times I tried to watch everything from the beginning but somehow I always failed after a few episodes. I just finished season one and I’m exited to start watching season two this weekend.

Such a cliché, I know. But I have to leave for work at 7.30 am, then it’s very nice to have a warm drink just after you woke up. Speaking of early mornings, I love them. Every day it’s a little bit less dark outside and a little less cold. Can’t wait for Spring to arrive!


Have a good weekend ♥

Miss Charming

Music Quotes

Hey guys,

One of my favorite moments is when a sentence in a song perfectly captures your mood or situation you are dealing with at that moment. So here are some quotes, which you can use as a caption on Instagram or a deep Facebook status, whatever floats your boat.
Hope you enjoy!
“Wake me up if I’m dreaming again”
Do you want me? – Mipso

“You look for all that’s wrong, instead of all that’s right”
If I Were You – Hoobastank

“We’ll never be as young as we are now”
Never Be – 5 Seconds of Summer

“We zullen het wel zien” (dutch, translates to “we’ll see what happens”)
Het Regent Zonnestralen – Acda en De Munnik

“We are the brave, we are the chosen ones”
Diamonds – Johnnyswim

“Every kiss gets a little sweeter”
They Don’t Know About Us – One Direction

“Don’t call it a fight when you know it’s a war”
The City – The 1975

“There’s something good waiting down this road”
Runnin’ Down A Dream – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

“And there’s some boys, some boys that laugh when they break your heart”
Shadow – Bleachers

“Or maybe we could just get lost while the radio plays our favorite song”
Stop, Drop and Roll – Dan+Shay

“Life’s never felt so good”
Lightning In A Bottle – The Summer Set


Miss Charming

6 ways to be more positive

Hi everyone!

Maybe you are annoyed with all those people telling you to be positive. Maybe you just wanna throw pity parties all the time. Maybe you feel like you are not allowed to be sad.

But MAYBE they do have a point. Focussing on the negative isn’t gonna make things any better. Yes, ofcourse bad things happen and ofcourse you’re allowed to feel sad every once in a while, but don’t linger in it for too long. Life sucks, but focussing on the positive things is a great way to trick yourself into thinking it doesn’t.

Here are some tips to master the art of being positive. Actually, I’m not sure if I can help you master them since I suck at it so bad myself.. Soooo, good luck!

  1. Keep a positivity diary: Try to end your day with writing a few things down that were fun that day, give yourself some compliments or you can do both. You can write anything as long as it’s the positive side of that day. This helps focus on the positive things and makes you see the day in a brighter way. Especially ending your days with this works really well! It might feel stupid at first, but you’ll get used to it.
  2. Stop the lingering: If you do have a pity party plan an end to it. Try to go do something fun after, to completely get your mind off of things. Whatever works for you.
  3.  Try to hang out with positive people: I know this sounds shitty, I really do.. But it’s true. That’s why people are so allergic to negative people. We all struggle to see the positive things in life and hanging out with people who point out the positive things instead of the negative makes it a little less hard. It’s a team effort everyone! This does NOT mean you should ditch the negative people. You can try to help them see the positive side of things. Try to divide your time between the negative and positive people in a way that you feel you can handle.
  4. Do things you love/that give you peace: This is a pretty cliché one, but I felt like I had to mention it. It’s really important to create a moment of peace and serenity every day. Try to find at least half an hour a day to do something that’s really just for yourself. It could be literally anything. Here are a few examples if you can’t think of anything: -breathing exercises (could be yoga, but just focussing on breathing in general works great) -watching your favorite tv show -eating your favorite food -create something creative -reading a book -going for a walk -cleaning your room -working out -listening to some music -lighting a scented candle. Well you get the idea. Whatever works for you! However, don’t do stuff that makes you feel good, but gets you in trouble! And don’t do something and then try to instagram it for half an hour. Such a waste of your precious time. Do what you love and do it for you.
  5.  Find your soulmate: Just kidding! Although it does work really well, you can’t rush those things. But love is so much more than just having a relationship. Maybe you love your mom or your cat or your friends. Let your love for them be your motivation to find joy in life. They want to see you happy. Although you shouldn’t let it be a pressure to be happy all the time, it’s okay to have a shitty day. They will love you anyway. And I don’t think your cat will care if you keep feeding him anway.
  6. Try not to avoid your problems: Sure you can spend all your money and look at it in the most but-it-made-me-happy positive kind of way. But being positive doesn’t mean righting your wrongs and doing it over and over again. You shouldn’t regret doing it, but the right way to think is “Well I can’t change the fact that I did that stupid thing now, but I can try not to do it again.”. It will change your life for the better. Accept you made a mistake, move on and do better next time.

I hope I said something useful and that you will find the happiness you deserve. And remember, the shittiest people are the unhappiest, so try to be forgiving! See you next time!

Miss Fancy