The taste of fall

Hey everyone!

Fall/autumn is around the corner and I’m starting to crave hot chocolate with wipped cream to go with a good book on the couch. Every season has it’s own favorite food that we like to eat. As for fall, the ingredients that fit best are apple, pear, carrot, pumpkin, nuts, mushrooms. Here’s a list of things with these ingredients that are delicious to eat.

-Pumpkin soup
This is a great thing to make this season. I think it’s delicious and it goes great with carving pumpkins for halloween.

We like to eat it with mashed potato and red cabage.

-Tagliatelle funghi
Fall is the best season for mushrooms and I could always eat pasta.

-Hotchpotch (hutspot, en nee die vertaling is geen grap :’))
With carrots, onion and potato it’s quite a healthy meal.

This pumpkin peanut stew
Bonuspoints for it being a vegan recipe.

-A dutch recipe that would literally be translated to ‘Hot lighting’.
So it’s called ‘hete bliksem’, but I like to call it sweet apples. It’s basically just mashed potatoes with mashed, sweet apples.

I hope you will enjoy these recipes this season. Are you ready for fall?

Miss Fancy


RECIPE: Lemon Cheesecake

Hey guys!
Today I wanted to share my all-time favorite recipe: the most delicious lemon cheesecake ever.

What you’ll need:

* 4 lemons
* 300 grams of sugar
* 25 grams of butter
* 200 grams of any biscuit of preference, for the bottom of the cake
* 500 grams of cottage cheese
* 250 millilitres of unwhipped cream
* 10 gelatin sheets

Make the cake: 

  1. Cut 2 lemons in slices
  2. Put 2 deciliters water and 100 grams of sugar in a pan and boil it
  3. When the sugar is dissolved, put the lemon slices in it. Leave it on low heat for 40 minutes
  4. Soak the gelatin sheets in a big bowl of cold water
  5. Wash the other lemons, after that you grate and squeeze them
  6. Add one deciliter of water to the squeezed lemon juice
  7. Boil the mix of water and lemon juice, after that keep it on low heat for 2 minutes
  8. Remove the pan from the heat
  9. Put the gelatin sheets in a pan and dissolve them with 200 grams of sugar
  10. Melt the butter and crumble the biscuits
  11. Mix the melted butter, crumbled biscuits and 2 tablespoons of the dissolved sugar in a bowl
  12. Grease the springform pan
  13. Put the biscuit-mix on the bottom of the pan
  14. Whip the unwhipped cream and add the cottage cheese and gelatin-mix
  15. Put the cottage cheese-mix in the springform pan
  16. Put the lemon slices on top
  17. Put the springform pan in the fridge for at least 4 hours

Et voilà! There you have a delicious lemon cheesecake of which you can’t stop eating from.
Miss Charming

Sushi Time!

Hi guys!

FullSizeRender (1) Today I wanted to blog about my experience at a cute little sushi place in Amstelveen, in the Netherlands. It’s called Sushi Time and it’s in the middle of the shopping center, so you can take a little sushi break between all the shopping. You just sit down and take whatever you like that rolls your way on the conveyor belt (vertaling: lopende band). The price depends on the colour of the plate you take. IMG_2392The price of the plates range from 1,95 to 5,75. That’s what makes it so great, because you don’t have to spend a fortune on all-you-can-eat-sushi if you only want to get three maki’s. They also sell it in boxes if you want to take the sushi with you.

IMG_2390But the main reason why I would recommend it, is because the conveyor belt really makes it feel a bit foreign. It’s so fun to do and I haven’t seen it much in the Netherlands yet. Sushi Time has a branch in Amstelveen and one in Amsterdam.
So what are you waiting for? Those soybeans and maki’s are waiting for you.
It’s always sushi time!

Miss Fancy

Arizona’s Cowboy Cocktails

Hi everyone,

IMG_2322So today I wanted to do a little review on the Arizona Cowboy Cocktails. They are for sale at Jamin for 3,50 each. The bottles are bright coloured and decorated with fruit. Although these bottles look cute too, I like the decorations on the normal Arizona bottles better. These Cowboy Cocktails are a little different from the usual Arizona ice teas. The Cowboy Cocktails do taste like ice teas, but that’s what makes it so confusing.

The flavours are Fruit Punch, Mucho Mango, Watermelon and Strawberry Lemonade. The Strawberry Lemonade I liked the least. The Mucho Mango and Fruit Punch were a little better. But the main thing I didn’t like about these drinks were that although they tasted like the bottle said, the normal-Arizona-Ice-Tea-Flavour was also present in these drinks. As an aftertaste. It was kinda grose. I could’ve spend that 3,50 each a whole lot better, but I’m still happy I tried them. If you don’t try, how would you know? FullSizeRender

The only one I kinda liked was the Watermelon. But maybe that’s because I was drinking it while watching Gossip Girl. We all know Gossip Girl makes everything better.

You know you love me…nahh, just kidding!

Miss Fancy

Btw, I made a delicious smoothie with my sister yesterday. It’s on her blog at Go check it out!