Favorite Moments While Traveling

Hi guys,

As you may know, in the last months of 2015 I made a roadtrip through the United States.
I had such a great time there. And I wanted to share some of the moments in which I was the happiest. Hope you enjoy!

  • sunsets, especially the ones in California
  • trying new coffee places
  • hearing Christmas music everywhere
  • writing in my travel diary
  • mornings at the hostel; making plans with people you just met 10 minutes ago
  • seeing the things (e.g. Times Square) you saw in movies
  • beautiful views from the Greyhound bus
  • walking around for the first time in a new city
  • trying new food (I have become obsessed with chili cheese fries)
  • meeting inspirational people who will change your perspective on life


Miss Charming


10 reasons why I love December

Hi guys!
December is coming up and I’m super excited about it! And i’ve made a list of reasons why.

Number 1: Obviously, because it’s my B-day this month! It’s on Christmas day, so my birthday is always special. I love it.

Number 2: It might snow. Probably not here though. But it might. 🙂

Number 3: There will be christmas trees. And christmas lights. And just all the christmas decorations you can think of.

Number 4: So. Much. Food. Candy canes, christmas dinners and FOOOOOD.

Number 5: New Years Eve. Counting down the seconds with your loved ones and popping some champagne.

Number 6: CHRISTMAS SONGS. They create that super cozy, holiday feeling and they just make me so happy.

Number 7: All the stores look super pretty, because of the holiday season.

Number 8: While America has Santaclaus, we have Sinterklaas. And it’s a super cozy holiday where we exchange gifts and eat a lot. Kinda like christmas. So we have TWICE as much holidays. I mean, come on, that’s awesome.

Number 9: Christmas movies are finally okay to watch again. Christmas-movie-binge-watch-marathon time!

Number 10: Candles get to be burned and I love how cozy it makes everything look. I especially love scented ones.

I just love December, because it’s so cozy and happy and festive! But it always goes by so fast, so we better make the most of it and enjoy every second. Before you know it it’s the beginning of a new year and you have to start making good on those new years resolutions…

Miss Fancy

November favorites

Hi guys!
Today I have a couple of new favorites for you.

Red velvet cake & red cups season at Starbucks
I wanted to try this for a long time and when red cups season hit Starbucks they also sold red velvet cake! It’s chocolate cake with a red colour, so ofcourse it was delicious. I’m so in love with the whole vibe they got at starbucks these days with the christmas songs playing and the new stuff they sell (for example the red velvet cake) and the red cups. Although I’m not loving the red cups Starbucks created this year. The ones from last year were way cuter.

Fortune cookies 
I’ve always loved these, but never knew where to get them. One day I was picknicking in Vondelpark with some friends and one of them had these with her. Turns out they just sell them at our supermarket. I never actually went looking for them, but recently ran into them at Hema. So now I have them laying in my room waiting for a perfect opportunity to use them (like new years eve or my bday or something).

Coco vanilla body butter
It smells so good. I bought this at a local store and it was super cheap, so the quality won’t be that good, but I just bought it for the scent.

Perfume: Daisy Dream & Dolce
My recent perfume obsessions are Daisy Dream from Marc Jacobs and (still) Dolce from Dolce and Gabbana. I know I’m getting the giftbox from Daisy Dream for my birthday, so I’m super excited about that. The giftbox from Dolce was cuter, but it had the normal Dolce perfume in it and I want the floral drops (I finally decided).

Fruit smoothies/juices
I was out shopping with a friend and we wanted to get something to drink, so we went to the supermarket. I was going in the direction of starbucks ice coffee, but that friend picked a fruit smoothie/juice. I always like to try new stuff, so I picked one too and I like it. It’s delicious and much more healthy than starbucks. We all need vitamines.

The intern
I saw this movie a few weeks ago and it’s so cute, funny and charming. It’s about a 70 year old man, Ben, feeling like retirement has started too soon for him and like he still has something to offer the world. So he starts a job as senior intern at a fashion webshop. The contrast between him and the other employees is hilarious. The old man is so adorable and he leaves a little sparkle everywhere he goes. This movie is definitely a must watch!

Miss Fancy

My 10 favorite movies based on books

Hi guys!
Today I have my top ten favorite movies based on books for you! I do like to read the book first before i watch the movie, because the other way around never works.  Anyway let’s get started on the list.

1 Mean Girls
How could this be anywhere else than number one. It’s actually based on a book about how to raise your childeren and help them deal with other people (read fantastically bitchy queen B’s), which is called “Queen B’s and Wannabe’s”.

2 The Great Gatsby
The one with DiCaprio in it. I love how tragic it all is and ofcourse all the fabulous parties on screen.

3 If I Stay
Haven’t read the book actually, but the movie was great.

4 The Longest Ride
From the writer of The Notebook and Dear John, which, btw, are also great books. I love when old people have interesting stories and this tells the story of a man while we also see the story of a young couple dealing with simular problems.

5 Confessions Of A Shopaholic
Love this movie. Always watch it when I feel down.

6 The Fault In Our Stars
Went to the première of this one and loved it. Read the book really quickly before the première, so I didn’t really cry, but it’s sad though.

7 Breakfast At Tiffany’s
Classic one.

8 Girl, interrupted
Still intend to read the book, because I just loved the movie. So relatable for many young people to not know what you want to do with your life.

9  To Save A Life
It might be a bit boring sometimes, but the message is amazing. It’s about a popular guy, Jake, who’s ex-best friend commits suicide. This makes Jake question and change some things in his life as he starts to reach out to the less popular kids, while dealing with his own problems. This movie ends strong and deals with serious problems people might have.

10 Bridge to Terabithia
Such a sad, sad movie. You can cry for days.

So that’s it. Sorry if i missed a few, these were just the ons that immediately came to my mind. Another thing I want to add is if I had read and watch Paper Towns already it would probably be on the list too! Anyway I hope you feel inspired to watch a few movies and read a few books.

Miss Fancy

Shoptrip Haul

Hi guys!
IMG_5664I went shopping today with Miss Charming and bought quite a lot, so I’m doing a haul! Sorry this post is up so late and sorry the quality of the pictures isn’t very great, we just got back. Anyway, let’s get started!
This is a quick overview of all that I’ve bought. As you can see we stopped by at Hema, then went to Perry Sport. Next up was Douglas and on to Hunkemöller. Last but not least we went to the Timberland store to find me some pretty boots to survive this winter.

IMG_5665So first up we have the Hema bag. It contains some stuff from the Fab collaboration. I bought the Iphone cover saying “I only drink champagne on two occassions. When I’m in love and when I’m not.”, but I don’t really care for the text. I just thought it was pretty. I also bought the notebook saying “Fabulous”.



Next thing I bought are yoga pants/leggings. They’re from Puma and just basic black. Bought at Perry Sport.

IMG_5672The bag from Douglas actually contains the present I’m going to get from my parents. I bought it myself, so they don’t have to go through much trouble to get it. It’s already wrapped, so I couldn’t show you guys. But I looked up a picture of it on google. It contains a 50 ml EDT Daisy Dream, a body lotion and a shower gel.

These giftboxes were sold online on the Hunkemöller webshop and I thought they could look very cute in my room so I bought these at the Hunkemöller store. They were 1/2 euros each. I bought a tiny pink-white striped one, a black striped one, a pink one and a black one. I think they’re so adorable.

IMG_5675The last stop was the Timberland store, where I was looking for boots for this winter. And I found them! I immediately fell head over heels for them. The are so comfortable and warm.IMG_5676

That’s all. I felt like Becky from Shopaholic walking around with all those shopping bags. Definitely had a fun afternoon!

Miss Fancy

Stories behind pictures

Hi guys!

Last time I did a “Stories behind”, it was on clothes, but today I want to do a stories behind pictures that I took off my instagram.

FullSizeRender (2)
This is a picture of the news paper I was in, talking about my school research project. In my summer break I joined a project called “Summer Entrepreneurship”, which gave teenagers money to start their own business/company. It was so much fun and I learned a lot about running your own business. FullSizeRender (3)

Here you see my laptop and tv playing Gossip Girl, because that day I bought Netflix. I’d been waiting for months and subscribed to get an email as soon as it was available in the Netherlands, so you can understand I was super excited.FullSizeRender (5)

This is a very symbolic picture. The previous “Stories behind” I talked about my best friend who passed away. I had plans with her to go to Paris, but we never got to go. So the Eiffeltower obviously stands for Paris. The broken mirror stands for the broken dreams and the accident. FullSizeRender (4)

This picture is from when I went to the EMA’s in Amsterdam. It was so awesome! I’m kind of a fan (I’m not really that much into music like I’m into tv shows) of Katy Perry, so it was really cool to see her preform. We also saw a lot of other celebrities, like Miley Cirus, Ariana Grande and a lot more.FullSizeRender (6)

This is a ticket to Swan Lake On Ice. It was such a perfect evening. It was the performance of the ballet Swan Lake, but the extra special part was that it was preformed on ice. It was close to christmas, which is my birthday too, so that made it even more special. I loved it.

FullSizeRender (8)
I’m a HUGE fan of Blake Lively (and her role as Serena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl), so I was waiting until The Age Of Adaline, in which Blake stars, made it to the cinema. When it did, I immediately dragged Miss Charming with me. It was a ladies night, so there was champagne and a DJ. I loved the movie and ladies night. Blake looked amazing throughout the whole movie.

FullSizeRender (9)

Me and Miss Charming walked into Massimo Dutti to check the store out, but I saw the red hat and loved it. It kinda reminded me of Serena’s hat in season one episode three (the B&S-getting-all-bestie-next-to-that-fabulous-fountain scene). But it was fifty euros, so I didn’t buy it. Little expensive for something I’ll probably not be wearing very often.

FullSizeRender (13)

A friend was a big fan of The Fault In Our Stars, so she asked if I (and a couple of other friends) wanted to go to the movie première. I quickly read the book (I hate watching movies, that are based on books, before reading the book (the reason why I haven’t started Pretty Little Liars yet and haven’t watched Paper Towns yet)). The première was amazing.

FullSizeRender (14)

My best friend (who passed away) and I always watched Revenge and this symbol is from that tv-show. It kinda became our symbol for friendship, because it stands for infinity times infinity. I carved it into a tree near the place of the accident. Although our lifes don’t last infinite, I love her infinity times infinity.
This was my birthday cake when I turned sixteen. I always wanted a cake like in cake boss and I loved the way it turned out. We got it made at a cake store in our town.

I hope you understand a little more of my life now and ofcourse I hope you liked this post.

Miss Fancy

My month in photos

Hi guys!

I wanted to give you a little sneak peek into my life, so I’m doing a ‘My month in photos’ this week.

Drinks with friends in Amsterdam

IMG_4834                 IMG_4838
Went to ikea to eat breakfast with                  Outfit of the day
my mom and went looking for a new
office chair. I think this is the one
I’m gonna buy.
At Starbees drinking the first PSL of this year.
FullSizeRender (15)IMG_5039IMG_5214
Eating frozen yoghurt,          party in Zandvoort                and going to the gym.
Went to the musical The Bodyguard and it was amazing. A true recommendation!
FullSizeRender (16)IMG_5207IMG_5244
Watching Gossip Girl and Once Upon A time.
IMG_5262IMG_5277FullSizeRender (17)
Drinking mint tea,                having lunch            and I bought two new scarfs.

FullSizeRender (18)
By the way, today it’s the third of october. You know what that means, right? It’s National Mean Girls day! So that’s why Miss Charming and I are celebrating with a lot of pink and ofcourse the movie. Happy National Mean Girls day!

Miss Fancy