January favorites

Hi guys!

I got some january favorites for you to kick start your year with some good books, movies and perfumes.

Let It Snow
This book is perfect for this season and it’s almost impossible for the writers to disappoint you. It’s the perfect book to snuggle up in bed with your hot chocolate/tea/coffee while it’s snowing (or when lack of snow, raining) outside. And I am in love with the cover.



Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs
I got this perfume for my birthday in a giftbox, which also contained a body lotion and a shower gel. I like the way the bottle looks and the giftbox is a really cute box you can use to store stuff in.



Victoria’s Secret body mist The one I got is Pure Seduction, but Strawberries & Champagne is also on my wishlist. Pure Seduction is really sweet, but since it’s a body mist it’s not too strong.


Eternity by Calvin Klein
This is kind of an all time favorite perfume, but I recently bought a new one. It’s a really light, fresh scent, so it’s perfect for every occasion.IMG_8221

Grace Of Monaco
A movie about Grace Kelly, played by Nicole Kidman. I haven’t actually finished watching this, so I can’t really judge this movie yet, but so far I like it. It will probably end up with my other classics (Coco Avant Chanel, The Great Gatsby, Breakfast At Tiffany’s).

I recently bought this jewellerybox at Xenos and it fits everything perfectly.

And ofcourse my yoga pants, makes going to the gym a lot less of a chore. 😉

Also this article I found last week on www.whowhatwear.co.uk about closet cleaning. (They have quite a lot of useful stuff about closet cleaning.) This article is about 5 closet cleaning tips you never heard before and (to my suprise) I had actually never heard them before and they are really useful!

Miss Fancy


November favorites

Hi guys!
Today I have a couple of new favorites for you.

Red velvet cake & red cups season at Starbucks
I wanted to try this for a long time and when red cups season hit Starbucks they also sold red velvet cake! It’s chocolate cake with a red colour, so ofcourse it was delicious. I’m so in love with the whole vibe they got at starbucks these days with the christmas songs playing and the new stuff they sell (for example the red velvet cake) and the red cups. Although I’m not loving the red cups Starbucks created this year. The ones from last year were way cuter.

Fortune cookies 
I’ve always loved these, but never knew where to get them. One day I was picknicking in Vondelpark with some friends and one of them had these with her. Turns out they just sell them at our supermarket. I never actually went looking for them, but recently ran into them at Hema. So now I have them laying in my room waiting for a perfect opportunity to use them (like new years eve or my bday or something).

Coco vanilla body butter
It smells so good. I bought this at a local store and it was super cheap, so the quality won’t be that good, but I just bought it for the scent.

Perfume: Daisy Dream & Dolce
My recent perfume obsessions are Daisy Dream from Marc Jacobs and (still) Dolce from Dolce and Gabbana. I know I’m getting the giftbox from Daisy Dream for my birthday, so I’m super excited about that. The giftbox from Dolce was cuter, but it had the normal Dolce perfume in it and I want the floral drops (I finally decided).

Fruit smoothies/juices
I was out shopping with a friend and we wanted to get something to drink, so we went to the supermarket. I was going in the direction of starbucks ice coffee, but that friend picked a fruit smoothie/juice. I always like to try new stuff, so I picked one too and I like it. It’s delicious and much more healthy than starbucks. We all need vitamines.

The intern
I saw this movie a few weeks ago and it’s so cute, funny and charming. It’s about a 70 year old man, Ben, feeling like retirement has started too soon for him and like he still has something to offer the world. So he starts a job as senior intern at a fashion webshop. The contrast between him and the other employees is hilarious. The old man is so adorable and he leaves a little sparkle everywhere he goes. This movie is definitely a must watch!

Miss Fancy

What To Read

Hi guys,
The thing I like to do most in the Fall is to snuggle up with a blanket, hot tea and a good book. I can sit like that for hours, completely unaware of my surroundings.
Since I finished high school a few months ago, I started reading a lot. Reading for yourself is, in my opinion, so much more fun and enjoyable than reading book for a test. These are my favorite books I read (or reread) in the past few months.

Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Rowell
When I first saw the book cover I immediately fell in love with it. It is adorable, just like the story. Even though it is a love story, it is not a “traditional” one in which the boy meets the girl and they fall head over heels for eachother. Set in the year 1986, the two misfits Eleanor and Park slowly develop a friendship in the back of the school bus. The book was released in 2013, but explains perfectly how life in the 80s must have been like, without the internet and iPhones. And with some current issues, such as domestic violence and bullying. Therefore, this book is perfect when you want to read a cute but not cliche love story.

The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald
I think almost everyone has either heard about this book or seen the movie, so I won’t explain thoroughly what the story is about. What I will tell you is that this is, up to now, my favorite American literature book. While reading it, all I wanted to do was jump in a time machine and go back to the Roaring Twenties. Partying all summer long, not worrying about anything and, after seeing the movie, dressing in fabulous outfits seems like a perfect summer to me. The mysterious Jay Gatsby makes the whole story interesting and you will want to finish the book to see if he ends up with his true love.
Hannah – Paul-Loup Sulitzer
The story about the Jewish girl Hannah is inspired by Helena Rubinstein. Hannah discovers her talent for marketing when she works at the grocery store in Warschau. Because of unrequited love, the young girl is determined to take over the world. And she will. Her first cosmetics store in Australia is a huge succes, but that’s not enough for Hannah. Opening stores in cities like London and Paris will bring her closer to her dream. The determination she has is contagious and Hannah’s ability to wrap every man around her finger is very inspiring and creates hilarious situations.
Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn
I wanted to wait to see the movie after I read the book. But now that I finished the 450 pages full of genius plot twists, I am not sure I even want to see the movie anymore. The story took so many unpredictable turns, I could not stop reading. Every chapter I was curious about which situatiosn the characters would get themselves into, most of them I couldn’t have thought of it myself.
One word: amazing.
Me Before You – Jojo Moyes
This book is a lot more serious than the others. Even though it made me laugh sporadically, most of the time I was trying to imagine myself in the life of Will. Before his motorcycle accident, he did things like skydiving and he traveled a lot. But now he is a quadriplegic and Will has no desire to live anymore.
Suddenly Louisa Clark comes into his life. They are both unaware of the consequences this will have for the rest of their lives. The story is intriguing, sad and contains a little bit of humor. I can’t wait to read the sequel.

Miss Charming

A post about series

Hi guys!
As you might know a lot of series have started again with a new season. So I’m here to tell you where to find them and what to watch. I write about dutch tv and dutch Netflix, so I’m sorry if you don’t live in the Netherlands. (Although you shouldn’t feel sorry for yourself if you live in America, because America does it better. Always.)

First of all: Suits. This is a serie about lawyers, but it’s certainly not boring! The first three seasons are on Netflix, but you can also watch it on tv. Recently the second season started on RTL4 on Thursday night from 8:30 PM until 10:30 PM. I’d give this tv-show 3,5 out of 5 stars.

Devious Maids also started a new season a while ago. Season three is on tv now, but if you haven’t watched season one and two it’s kind of hard to fall right in the middle of all the drama. I would really recommend this serie though. As I said before, it’s like Gossip Girl, but this time through the eyes of the maids. I’d give this tv-show 4 out of 5 stars.

There are rumours there’s a new serie to be made. The CW will be creating it and they’re the creators of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, so that’s a very good sign. The series is gonna be based on the movie The Notebook and the writer (of the original book the movie was based on), Nicholas Sparks, will be producing it. I am not very thrilled about it being based on The Notebook, because we already have a book and a movie about it. I had hoped it would be something totally new. But, hey, maybe it will be much better than I expect, we’ll see. If I have to guess what it’s gonna be like I’d give this tv-show 3 out of 5 stars.

The first three seasons of Once Upon A Time are on Netflix and I think it’s a really good show. I’m curently watching season three and it just keeps on getting better and better. It’s about fairytale characters being brought to the real world by a curse of the evil queen. Althought that may sound like a disney movie for kids, it’s really brought to life and made a lot less childish than it sounds. I give this show a 4 out of 5.

Netflix added season three to New Girl, so if you got stuck at the end of season two now is the time to continue watching. It’s about a girl who moves in with three guys and it’s really funny. I did like the first season better than the other ones, because it’s funnier when they are all just exaggerated versions of themself. I give this tv-show 2,5 out of 5.

And ofcourse series like Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars are on Netflix and they get 5 out of 5. Also a few years ago Revenge (definitely a 5 out of 5!) was on tv for two seasons, until they stopped broadcasting it on tv and ripped my heart out with it. Dutch tv is so unreliable. Good shows like Revenge, Glee and Switch At Birth get broadcasted for a couple of seasons and then just never return. Like, hello I was watching that and waiting for it to return, give it back! I’ll just stick to Netflix.

Miss fancy 

Note: the pictures in this post are not mine.

My 12 worst purchases

Hi guys!

Here are the 12 worst purchases I did over the past few years.

IMG_3807A very blue leather jacket

I wanted a leather jacket and I really like the colour blue, so I bought this jacket. After a while I started to hate it, because it was so blue and it didn’t really go with much. It’s so blue. IMG_3808Should’ve gone with black.

Printed scarf

That print. Those fringes.

IMG_3812Oversized turned wrong size

This sweater was meant to look oversized, but I thought it was a little too oversized so I bought it in the smallest size possible. I should’ve sticked to my own size or shouldn’t have bought it, because the arms turned out way too short and I grew out of it way too quickly.

IMG_3814Pink is the new blue

There was that short period where everyone had that cable sweater from H&M and so did I. Only the blue one that I wanted was sold out, so I bought the pink one instead. It was so bright, barbie-pink I didn’t wear it much.

IMG_3816Cheap sweaters 

“Oh this is three euros! I’ll just take it with me, because it’s only three euros.” So I got stuck with cheap clothes that itch, look stupid and aren’t my colour. Bad purchase. Even when it’s only three euros.

IMG_3817Crop tops are for skinny bitches

I went shopping with a friend and I bought this crop top (If you can even call it a crop top. I just think it’s too short to call it a shirt.), because it had little eifeltowers on it. Turns out I hate crop tops. It’s a mystery to me how people can wear crop tops and not feel fat.

IMG_3818Accidental oversized blouse

This really cute blouse was sold out in my size in black and I was like “That’s okay, I’ll just get it in an L.”. Then someone else at my school had the same blouse in the right size and I realized how stupid I looked in my way-too-big-blouse. I looked like I was drowning in all of it. Oops.

IMG_3819Don’t be fooled by it’s comfy look

This pyjama pants looked so comfy and I already visioned myself wearing these while reading a book with some hot choco next to a fireplace. I was so wrong. The pants is soft, but it’s not elastic at all. It doesn’t give in when I’m moving and the rope to tie it around my waist cuts in my skin. I have worn it once since I bought it. The print and colour are cute though.

IMG_3820A little too much 

This blouse was actually kind of expensive, but the print is a little much. Which makes it extra worse that the sleeves are bat sleeves. So there’s a lot of fabric with a lot of print. It’s just too much of everything.

IMG_3821Glamorous fly

I really liked the glamorous look celebs always had with their big sunglasses, but mine were way too big and made me look like a fly. A very glamorous fly though.

IMG_3824Primark strikes again

I saw a lot of cute sunglasses at primark for only 1,50 euros. I bought two of these sunglasses there and the middle one at a stand in Rome for three euros. The lesson I learned is to check if they actually protect against the sun, because if they are very cheap they usually have no UV-protection. They didn’t work at all and I had to buy a new one.

IMG_3829Sucker for sale

This bikini top was on sale, but there was no matching bottom. I bought it anyway thinking I’d find one. Turns out pink isn’t always pink. It can be salmon or neon pink or fuchsia. I bought a bikini a year later and it accidently matched colours so I could finally wear it. But I’m not making that mistake again soon.

Miss Fancy

August favorites

Hi guys!
Here are a few of my favorites of this month.

Inside Out
Inside Out is a movie that gives you a peek into the brain of a little girl growing up. It’s really cute and it looks really real. A lot of things you’ll find identifiable. A great movie to watch with friends, your boyfriend or parents. I went to see it two weeks ago with my mom and sis and we had a great time.

They are really on trend right now and they are very practical. When I was on vacation in spain I took my sun hat with me and it turned out to be a very good idea. I actually used it quite often to protect my face from the sun.

The Pretty Little Liars books

I’ve been reading them for the past weeks and LOVE them. They’re so addicting. Even if you’re not a bookworm I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading them. If you loved the tv-show, you’ll love the books as well. I would however not recommend reading them while being in the middle of watching the show, because a lot of things are not the same and that can be quite confusing.

Miss Fancy

Sushi Time!

Hi guys!

FullSizeRender (1) Today I wanted to blog about my experience at a cute little sushi place in Amstelveen, in the Netherlands. It’s called Sushi Time and it’s in the middle of the shopping center, so you can take a little sushi break between all the shopping. You just sit down and take whatever you like that rolls your way on the conveyor belt (vertaling: lopende band). The price depends on the colour of the plate you take. IMG_2392The price of the plates range from 1,95 to 5,75. That’s what makes it so great, because you don’t have to spend a fortune on all-you-can-eat-sushi if you only want to get three maki’s. They also sell it in boxes if you want to take the sushi with you.

IMG_2390But the main reason why I would recommend it, is because the conveyor belt really makes it feel a bit foreign. It’s so fun to do and I haven’t seen it much in the Netherlands yet. Sushi Time has a branch in Amstelveen and one in Amsterdam.
So what are you waiting for? Those soybeans and maki’s are waiting for you.
It’s always sushi time!

Miss Fancy